10 Facts About Nails That you Don’t Know

Do you want to know facts about nails? Our body needs various nutrients to function properly. Some of these nutrients are required daily. The deficiency of these nutrients can cause various health disorders.

Protein is one of those essential nutrients. It is required for various functions in the body. The high amount of protein in the body results in weight loss and muscle gain.

Collagen and keratin are some of the most important types of protein. Both play an important role in the good health of the body. Collagen works as a glue and keeps all the body parts together.

Some people consume collagen peptides to increase the amount of collagen in the body. Keratin and collagen make your nails shiny, strong, and healthy.

In this article, we will discuss some facts about nails.

Role of Keratin:

Keratin plays an important role in the health of nails. It makes the tissue of nails strong and protects nails from damage.

Keratin also improves the health of hairs and skin health. It produces cells that are the parts of the glands in internal organs.

When is Nails Stop Growing?

There is a myth that nails keep growing after death but it is not possible. Nails need blood supply for growth. Without a blood supply, nails will not grow.

After death, skin dehydrates and shrinks. This makes nails more prominent and comes out. It seems like nails are growing but actually, they are not.

Growth of Nails for Men and Women:

The growth of men and women’s nails is different. Normally men’s nails grow faster than women. But while pregnancy, the growth rate for women is higher than men.

Dead Nails:

Only visible nails are not nails actually. Nails start growing in the skin. As new cells grow they push the older ones. This process brings some parts of the nail out of the skin.

The outer part of the nails is strong and dead. This is why you don’t feel pain while cutting upper nails. But cutting the inner part of the nail is painful.

Role of Seasons:

Seasons also affect the growth of the nails. The growth of nails in summer is faster than winter. What is the reason behind it is still unknown but scientists are trying to find it out.

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Use of Hand:

The growth of nails also depends on the use of hands. If you use the right hand more than the left hand, the nails of the right hand will grow more and vice versa.

Using nails more also increases the growth of the nails.

Blood in Nails:

Every part of our body needs blood to function properly. Either they are bones, teeth, or nails. Under the nail bed, there are many capillaries. They give a good supply of blood to nails for growth. The pinkish color of the nails is due to the blood in the nails.

Eating healthy foods that contain nutrients for nails such as hydrolyzed collagen can give you bright, shiny, and hard nails.

Nails Color:

Nails color depends on your health. The normal nails color is light white or reddish. Reddish nails color means you have plenty of blood. White means, your hp is low.

Fungal infection can cause brown, green, or yellow nails color.

Can Nails Feel?

Upper nails that you see are dead and you may not feel if anything is touched to that part of the nails. But why you feel when something is touched to the nails? That is due to the dermis. The dermis has sensory nerve endings and its a layer of skin under the nails that make you feel when nails are touched.

Growth of Nails:

Nails grow every moment. But the growth rate for the hand nails and toenails is different. For average healthy adult toenails grow 1.5 millimeters per month. The growth of nails also depends on the diet that you eat and your lifestyle. If you take care of your nails regularly they grow strong and healthy.


Nails are an important part of the body. They give strength to your fingers. Consuming healthy foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle can increase the strength and beauty of the nails. Above are some facts about nails.

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