15 Fitness Gifts for Men

Men and fitness go together like bread and butter- it always works out! If you have a man in your life, whether romantic or platonic, gifting them anything fitness-related would be the easiest thing to do to please them and make them happy. But sometimes, we know that picking a gift is easier said than done. So, don’t worry because we’ve curated a list of the 15 best fitness gifts you can give to the men in your life! From basketball compression pants, meggings, and men’s workout tights to shaker bottles and kettlebells, we’ve got it all listed right here! 

List of Fitness Gifts for Men:

Dri-fit shirts

If the guy you are gifting is a total fitness junkie, then they will need a surplus of dri-fit anything. Dri-fit shirts are a great workout option, especially when paired with men’s exercise leggings for the whole fitness look! 


The Kettlebell is a piece of great whole-body workout equipment! You can get your legs and upper body all done with this single piece of weight. Doing kettlebell exercises is easy and can help you lose weight and build muscle. If he’s the type who needs more days in the gym, this will help him get in those workouts. 

Shaker bottle

He will need a shaker bottle for his supplements if he lifts weights. Trust us, a guy can have more than one shaker bottle, like how a girl will have more than one handbag if possible. Think of it, him in his complete gym outfit with the dri-fit top, men’s exercise leggings, or men’s exercise tights walking around with his shaker bottle ready to lift. It just all works out!


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Now stay with us on this one. Mens workout tights can also be a pair of cool leggings. Gone are the days when they were just plain black, white, or gray. This will give your man that added confidence and even make him stand out in the gym with these flashy men’s exercise tights.

Insulated Tumbler

Going to the gym without cold water on hand can ruin your man’s whole routine. So make sure he’s hydrated with an insulated tumbler that can keep his cold water cold for hours, or best if it can last the whole day!

Fitness watch/Sports Band

Fitness isn’t all about sweat, blood, and tears. Numbers play a huge role in ensuring that you are performing your best and reaching your optimum. A fitness watch or sports band can help him a lot in monitoring his steps, calories, and anything else that can be monitored to help him reach his fitness goals. 


For the ballers out there, a new ball will always give a guy a sparkle in the eyes! Who doesn’t love shooting hoops with a fresh ball? Pair it with basketball compression pants, and he will look like the total baller he is on and off the court. 

Yoga Pants

If you think girls look good in yoga pants, wait till you see men wearing yoga pants. Men in yoga pants should be a new norm. They also need the same comfort and support it gives the females. So join in and give your man a pair. Let him be one of the men wearing yoga pants!  Click here to get him a pair of the best mens yoga tights and join in the men in yoga pants crave! 

Running shoes

Guys love shoes, and a pair of good running shoes can go a long way! They use it in the gym, running outside, running errands, and even going out! Guys love gifts they can use for multiple things which certainly checks a lot of boxes. 

Sports headband

If he likes to keep his hair long, a sports headband would be something he needs more than just a want. Sports headbands have a bit of rubber on the inner side to prevent them from slipping off. This will be a great help to keep his locks off his face while he runs, lifts weights, or does anything. 

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a supplement that can help people get their needed protein intake. And if he’s trying to get bigger, buying him whey protein will surely place you in a special place in his heart. Whey Protein can get costly, so getting him a new bottle would be a good idea! 

Lounge leggings

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After working out, it would be best to wear something comfortable yet supportive for your tired muscles. Gifting him lounge leggings or recovery leggings would be a great idea and something he would want to wear after leg day or doing heavy deadlifts. Mens leggings with pockets should also be something to consider here for added utility use! 

Compression tights

There is a science behind wearing tights or leggings while working out. The compression helps in circulating blood flow and prevents further or excess muscle fatigue and cramps. And these can cost a lot, so gifting him a pair of mens leggings with pockets would be a great idea to help him in his fitness journey. 

Compressions tops

Like with compression tights, the same idea works. So if you have the support for the legs, why not for the top? These compression tops can come either with sleeves or without, so you can get something that will cover him up and support his muscles or help him show off his guns. 

Gym membership

There’s nothing like a gym membership to help someone kick start their fitness journey, and gifting him one would be God-sent if he doesn’t know where to start off! Aside from all the gifts mentioned, if he’s a rookie to fitness, this would be the best thing to give him too. A gym has all the equipment and trained personnel to help him reach and exceed his fitness goals so giving him one is a surefire way to make him happy. 


Gifting a guy isn’t easy, but we hope this post has helped you get some ideas on what you can give a fitness buff! So go out and look for the best mens yoga tights, insulated tumbler, or sports band for your man and surely, these will come in handy in his fitness journey! 


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