5 After-School Activities That Are Ideal for Kids

As the Australian summer is fast approaching, this is a time when your kids are looking for things to do after school (and during the holidays); every parent is concerned that their children are spending too much time online. If kids are left to their own devices, boredom often kicks in and that almost always ends up in trouble.

If you search online, you’ll find quite a few academies and adventure groups that offer after-school fun courses.

Here are a few after-school activities to keep your kids engaged:

Organised fitness programs

Check out the affordable after school program in Concord West where your kids will be challenged and inspired. With 3 different pick-up times, your kids can be collected from home and returned when the session is over and they will be full of excitement when they get home. Browse the web looking for after-school activities

MMA training

Maybe your son sees himself as a future UFC champion and would love to start training MMA. This discipline teaches self-defence, which is an essential skill to have these days; if a child shows a level of aggression, taking up a contact sport can have a positive influence, There are gyms that teach boxing, MMA, judo and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and classes run 2-3 times per week and if your kids have too much energy, this might be ideal.

You definitely develop self-discipline when you train for any contact sport; indeed, many would say it is character-building.

Mountain bike riding

Search online for some decent mountain bikes with gears and get one for yourself; put a rack of the car and you can take 3 bikes to country venues and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Your kids will gain valuable road sense on two wheels, which will come in handy when they start to drive as adults.

Thanks to repeated lockdowns, kids have been deprived of their freedom and independence for a few years and now is the perfect time to encourage the exploration of the natural environment. Click here for information on taking up go-kart racing. If you work in an office, perhaps this is your golden opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors, while teaching your kids about nature.

Coding workshops

If your son or daughter is tech-minded, why not introduce them to coding? This could lead to an illustrious career, although the youngster should have a high level of interest to motivate them. Of course, it doesn’t have to be code writing; a teenager might want to learn about graphic design or website construction; there are online tutors for tech stuff and they charge by the hour for tuition.

Team sports

If your son or daughter shows a talent for playing soccer or basketball, source a local club and take your child for a try-out. They will make new friends and training usually happens a couple of times a week, with a game at the weekend.

This teaches a child the value of teamwork, while also understanding the meaning of fair play and the importance of rules. Growing children need strenuous physical activity and if they have talents, they will be discovered. If parents support their children’s sporting interests, they have a chance to realise their full potential, which might even lead to becoming a pro athlete.

If your kids are already in their teenage years, mention that you are happy to sponsor any outdoor activities that they might like to try. It is important for overall well-being that growing children have some outdoor experience, which minimises the time they spend playing online games.

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