6 Best Beaches in Key West, Florida

Did you know that seeing blue space and a body of water could lower the levels of distress? And what could be a better option than a beach vacation to see blue space with lots of water? A vacation that allows you to get away from everyday life to relax your mind and body and enjoy some incredible experiences.

When we talk about a beach vacation, Key West is the place where you want to go. This tiny island is home to several mesmerizing beaches with crystal clear waters and sun-soaked coastlines that offer something for everyone. There are beaches with gentle waves for families, beaches with mesmerizing sunset views, and beaches to enjoy a picturesque ambience. Beaches where you can enjoy snorkeling and parasailing or just bask in the sun and listen to the soothing sound of crashing waves.

Below is a list of the six best (and Trip Advisor’s top-rated) beaches in Key West to help you plan a sun, sand, and sea vacation on this tiny island in Florida.

Smathers Beach

Key West’s largest and most popular beach, Smathers is your place to enjoy fun watersports or relax on soft, white sands. Stretching two miles down South Roosevelt Boulevard, the shoreline is easily accessible from Key West International Airport.

Excellent swimming conditions and the gentle slope of the shoreline make the beach an ideal choice for families. Swimmers can wade into the water and enjoy a long water walk. Parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and sunbathing are other great activities you can enjoy on the beach.

Smathers is also dotted with several watersports rentals, chair rentals, food stalls, and volleyball net rentals. In addition to this, entry to the beach is absolutely free.

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach

Also known as Fort Zech, Fort Zachary Taylor is one of the most popular beaches for snorkeling and sunbathing in Key West. The beach is located at the Truman Annex on Southard Street, two miles from downtown Key West, and is known for its natural coastline composed of ground coral.

Crystal clear water and rocky bottoms make the beach an ideal choice for snorkeling, fishing, and experiencing rich marine life such as turtles, dolphins, lobster, parrotfish, and groupers. Its soft sands allow you to soak in the warmth of the sun and enjoy scenic views of plentiful plants.

Since the beach lies within an 87-acre state park, you will also find a Civil War fort, historical cannons, and natural trails. You can take a guided tour of Zachry Fort and can also enjoy a delicious grill at an open beachfront cafe.

Higgs Beach

Located at the end of Reynolds Street, a short drive from Smather Beach, Higgs makes a brilliant option for people looking for a beach with a picturesque ambiance. Its palm-fringed shoreline, glaring water, a pleasant stretch of white sands, and tropical vibes make the beach a perfect spot to snorkel or bask in the sun.

Along with dotting a full-service restaurant, watersports equipment rentals, volleyball net rentals, and tennis court, the beach also offers free entry and free parking. There’s a nearby playground where you can have fun with your kids and a dog park for your four-legged friend. The beach also holds a historical value where you’ll find monument marking that’s believed to be a burial site of 19th century Africans who were rescued from the slave trade.

South Beach

Located at the southernmost end of Key West, South Beach with a 200-foot stretch of sand makes a perfect choice for families. Its smaller shoreline and shallow waters allow you to enjoy playing and swimming with your kids. The laid-back ambiance and soothing sound of the shores will make you want to kick back and bask in the sunshine.

You’ll find several refreshment stands on the beach and a nearby cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, there are no restrooms and rentals, though you may find a few chairs and towels.

Simonton Street Beach

Located at the north end of Simonton Street and the west side of downtown Key West, Simonton is a small sandy beach. The sand is soft to lay back and relax in the sun, but the shoreline can be a bit rocky so you’ll have to wear water shoes for swimming.

The beach features a range of amenities, including restrooms, chairs, equipment rentals, umbrella rentals, and a boat ramp. A full range of watersports rentals is available for jet-skiing and sunset cruising, along with charter tours for fishing, snorkeling, and island tours. You’ll also find picnic tables and food vendors offering snacks and drinks.

Dog Beach

As the name says, Dog Beach is an ideal destination for tourists visiting the island with a four-legged friend. It’s the only beach in Key West that allows your furry friends to roam freely and make a splash in the water. You’ll love climbing the rocky terrain and exploring the vibrant rocks with your Fido.

There’s also a dog-friendly restaurant, Louie’s Backyard, near the beach where you can enjoy a delicious lunch with your pet dog. And probably the restaurant can help you find the location of the beach.

Have Fun on Your Next Beach Vacation in Key West

From Smathers to Higgs and Dog Beach, we have enlisted some of the best beaches you can visit in Key West to rejuvenate your mind and body. Along with sun-basking, snorkeling and fishing, don’t forget to enjoy the local seafood when you’re in Key West. If you still need guidance about beaches or things to do in Key West, feel free to ask us in the comments below. We’ll love to make your tour to the island a memorable one.

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