7 Fashion Influencers to Follow for Endless Style Inspiration

We can safely say that Instagram is a melting pot of inspiration for almost anything. Whether hacks, makeup tutorials, or fashion, you can find ideas for all the latest trends, what’s in, what’s out, and what’s about to get famous. And it is all thanks to social media celebrities we like to call influencers. Believe it or not but according to Influencer Marketing Hub, the global value of the influencer market is estimated at $9.7 billion as of 2020.

So, we can understand why you would want to follow an influencer for the latest fashion trends. However, there are thousands of social media celebs out there, and it would take you a while to choose the right one. Don’t worry; we’ve considered all of your fashionista needs. And come up with a great list of all the hottest fashion influencers you should be following for great style inspiration.

  1. Richlove Rockson:

Our first fashion influencer that you should start following is Richlove Rockson. What can you expect from her? The best fashion content, fantastic outfit ideas, and best of all, conversations about body positivity. That’s right, Richlove is a famous plus-size fashion influencer who is the number advocate of respect and acceptance of women of all color, sizes, and origins. Her fashion content is all about diversity and leaving behind outdated values.

Along with bold styles, you can also find casual plus size maxi dresses inspired by Richlove’s posts. The fashion blogger shares her outfit suggestions that are both high fashion and casual as well as elegant.

  1. Viola Tan:

You must know Viola Tan from the famous fashion retail brand Love, Bonito. The 37-year-old executive director, co-founder, and Instagram influencer promotes fashion and lifestyle trends to educate people. Along with promoting her exquisite brand, Viola supports cultural diversity through her fashion posts and frequently talks about the standards of life. Why should you follow her?

She is the brains behind one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in Asia, which offers a wide array of designs. Viola and her brand promote high street fashion accessible to all types of women and show how to balance affordability and style.

  1. Freddie Harrel:

Are you looking for some eco-fashion tips? Freddie Harrel’s blog and Instagram page are the ones to follow. Blogger turned businesswoman; the French-born influencer is best known for her uplifting outfit inspiration, killer power suits, and bold prints. Harrel’s whopping 180,000 followers are inspired by her take on female empowerment, which powers her on-point beauty tips.

Her Instagram wall is full of endless personal styling tips, confidence workshops, and even fabulous fashion tips for expecting mothers. You can also check out her recently launched ethical haircare range, along with her fashion blog and style inspiration!

  1. Zoella Zeebo:

With an overwhelming fan following peaking at 11.1 million, Zoella, also known as Zoe Sugg, is a prolific beauty and fashion influencer. She is not only dominating Instagram with her trending style and fashion tips. But, she has also expanded it into a YouTube channel. She created her lifestyle and fashion blog back in 2009, which landed her gigs with British clothing retailer, New Look.

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Her content typically features posts and videos about her beauty and fashion activities, along with videos on her favorite products. Judging by the fact that her channel and blog has won numerous awards, she is an influencer that you cannot miss if you want to work on your fashion statement.

  1. Stephanie Yeboah:

If you ever want to give yourself a serious mood boost, then scroll through Stephanie Yeboah’s page, and you’ll get a burst of joyful statement looks. Sometimes fashion is not about wearing trendy clothes or getting that perfect Instagram-worthy photograph. Yeboah’s fashion sense teaches you that sometimes style is all about making yourself feel alive and happy.

Her vibrant outfits, pop of color, and bold prints are what makes her style so attractive. Her body positivity-inspired style will make you want to throw away black and enjoy colors like never before. Stephanie’s style evolution has come a long way from her first swimwear shots to her inspirational and self-celebratory lingerie posts. She is the person to follow if you want to experience some self-love.

  1. Omaya Zein:

While on fashion inspiration, let’s not forget about hijab fashion that is rocking up social media. One of the most prominent names in the influencers who are redefining hijab fashion is Omaya Zein. Omaya has racked up a million followers who love her classy yet chic go-to outfits with her elegant, exquisite, and soft-toned looks.

Omaya’s fashionable headwear and various hijab styles inspire hijabi women who would love to add some elegant style to their everyday outfits. Omaya loves to rock neutral tones and looks; no wonder she has thousands of followers on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

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  1. Aimee Song:

When we talk about fashion influencers, it’s a sin not to mention Aimee Song. It is awe-inspiring that the fashion influencer who started her blog back in 2008 now has over 4.6 million followers. Her blog Songs of Style was originally intended to be a place where she could publish on interior design. However, she soon realized that the content about what she was wearing performed better.

So, she changed her direction and went on to focus on personal style and fashion. Now, her blog and Instagram wall are full of design inspiration, especially for daily styling. Her fabulous everyday style tips and fashion are a lifesaver if you struggle to set the tone for your casual attire. She now owns her apparel and jewelry brands so that you can find plenty of style inspiration from there as well.


We no longer need to wait for the weekly fashion magazine to update our style and fashion sense in today’s age. The world now has thousands of fashion bloggers and influencers to make our styling life easy. With just a click, you can tap into a whole new world where these fashion influencers will inspire you to take different approaches to fashion and come up with your style.

From the plus size and casual looks to high fashion and even hijab-inspired style, our above list of the hottest social media influencers will update your styling sense for the better.

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