A List Of The 10 Most Expensive Earrings In The World

Jewellery has long been a firm favourite for women. Since we first occupied the planet, humans have crafted jewellery items to adorn the body, and earrings are just one of the many types of jewellery that we like to wear.

Here is a selection of the most expensive earrings ever made.

  1. Blue & Pink Diamond Earrings – Two huge diamonds, one blue, the other pink makes for the most expensive earrings ever made. This stunning pair fetched a whopping $54m at auction and believe it or not, they were sold separately to the same buyer. The blue earring was sold for $42m and the pink one for $15m, making these the costliest earrings ever.
  2. Golconda Diamond Earrings – These earrings were made from diamonds found at the Golconda Mine in India; each earring contains more than 23 carats of high-quality diamonds. They fetched a cool $9.3m at auction, making them the second most expensive earrings ever produced.
  3. Harry Winsten Diamond Earrings – Made from pearls and diamonds, Mr. Winsten’s earrings were sold for $8.3m and contain over 60 carats of stones. If you would like to view stunning diamond earrings, check out the bespoke diamond jewellery Brisbane or your city showcases.
  4. Colombian Emerald Earrings – Each earring is made from 11.75 carats of emeralds and diamonds and they sold for a whopping $4.3m at Sotheby’s. Not much is known about the buyer and should they ever wish to sell, they are sure to make a profit.
  5. Empress Eugenie Earrings – Napoleon Bonaparte presented these earrings to Empress Eugenie of France in the 18th century. The two diamonds add up to 100 carats and they were mined in Brazil. The earrings were auctioned for $3.3m in 2014.
  6. Hanging Emerald Earrings – These amazing long emerald earrings were designed by Lorraine Schwartz and they were worn by Angelina Jolie at the Oscars ceremony in 2009. The price of these earrings is a staggering $3.3m and rumour has it they will soon be up for auction in the near future.
  7. Diamond Droop Earrings – This stunning pair of diamond earrings fetched a whopping $2.3m at auction at Christie’s in New York. The diamonds are surrounded by a unique white gold frame, which look amazing.
  8. Diamond & Pearl Earrings – These special earrings are made from 6 pear shaped diamonds that were found at the Indian Golconda Mine and they fetched an amazing $1.2m. While they might be a bit out of your price range, you can have diamond earrings hand-crafted by a leading jeweller.
  9. Marie Antoinette Earrings – She was the wife of Napoleon III and these stunning diamond earrings were lost in the French Revolution and everyone is hoping that they will resurface one day. No one knows their current value and should they ever come to light, the price would be super-high!
  10. Cartier Earrings – Valued at $79,000, these superb earrings are actually up for sale by Cartier’s of London.


Image Source: Unsplash

So, there you have it, our top ten diamond earrings of all time and if you are looking for special earrings, talk to a leading custom jeweller and your design concept can become reality!

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