A List of the Best Board Games for Having a Fun Time

Board games are back and with a bang. There are virtual versions of the games that you can now play by staying within the comforts of your house while in your pyjamas. They have become popular since the internet is now very cheap, and screen-obsessed teens and young adults have constantly been hooked to these games.

The best part about these games is that you already know them – they have a huge role in your childhood. You can now challenge the game to your close friends and family members with whom you used to play the game during your childhood. Your cousins, siblings, and so on – there are so many people with whom you can now relive the wonderful moments.

Playing board games is a perfect bonding activity and quick escapades for you during heavy schedules or work shifts. Whether you want to play some game between work or enjoy a “gameful” weekend at home, it is up to you. With these games, you can switch off from the real world and make room for new memories.

So here are some of them.

Ludo: One of the first games we want to mention is the game of ludo, which also comes with multiplayer options. There are multiple options out there that you can play and that too, as per your choice of timing. You can play this wonderful game on many sites, and we are sure you are accustomed to the rules and regulations.

The simple rules related to the games are easy to understand, even if you are a newbie. On the best sites, contests go daily, which you can check and enjoy!

It helps in the development of interpersonal skills and has a huge impact on blood pressure. It helps you improve bonds with friends and family members. Play and know about ludo rules by clicking here.

Chess: This game elevates your IQ levels and flexes your brain muscles from time to time. It would help if you played this game to enhance creativity and understand logical thinking. It helps in developing perspective and improving memory.

It deepens focus and boosts planning skills. Playing Chess will also improve your self-awareness and protect against dementia. There are multiple sites where you can easily play the virtual version of Chess.

You can read this Forbes blog to learn more about online Chess and how it can help you.

Chess helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improves your concentration. This game teaches planning and foresight. You can easily withdraw your winnings with UPI or Paytm and get them transferred to your bank account. When a game has endured as long as Chess has (nearly 1,500 years!) and has such a deep root, the game is worth playing. The chess pieces consist of pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, a queen, and a king, and there are different rules related to each piece.

Carrom: This is yet another game related to our childhood. We used to play it at clubs, get-togethers, picnics, and whatnot. Now you can enjoy the online version; trust us; it is equally thrilling and exciting. Carrom has been etched in the Indian hearts because this was the game we used to play when we used to visit our grandparent’s house and more.

It was such an amazing game! The traditional version of the carrom is played between 2 to 4 players in an online way as well. Register yourself and start playing. Your aim should be pocketing the coins. Each coin carries some amount of points or the other.

You will be assigned black or white pawnpucks and must play accordingly. The queen carries more points, so beware of the queen!

You must know the moves and set an angle to pot the carrom men accordingly. Try to avoid fouls and get the amount transferred to your bank account instantly. The transactions are seamless and smooth.

Sudoku: If you love playing crossword puzzles, then you must love Sudoku. No matter how old you are, Sudoku can always open up your brain in more than one way. It is a wonderful game; you can play it between work so that your brain opens up and you feel rejuvenated. It is such a quick escapade. This game will help you get revived!

You can play this game in newspapers and magazines, but since you are always in a rush, it is better to download an app and play on the go. Whether you are stuck in traffic or want a quick gaming break during lunch, Sudoku is a great way to exercise your muscles. There are various variations of Sudoku, like 9×9 grid variations, 4×4 grids, 2×2 grids, 5×5 grids, and more Sudoku puzzles.

The different kinds of Sudoku games are Doof sudoku, killer sudoku, and hyper Sudoku! This puzzle game is great for increasing vocabulary as well. It improves concentration and helps in reducing anxiety and stress. The game also promotes a healthy mindset and improves thinking skills.

So these are a few board games that are the best. Classic board games like Monopoly also have an online version that you can enjoy without hassle. If you are stressed, you can also try games like Pictionary.

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