What Are The Advantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Your website must act as a strong foundation for operating your business and allow it to reach newer heights. According to experts, using a managed WordPress hosting solution is the easiest way of keeping your website in good shape. This will require you to spend much less money than what you would have spent to hire DevOps engineers.

The reduced expenditure, however, doesn’t make managed WordPress hosting Canada less efficient. Your website will remain fats, secure, and available 24/7.

The section below talks about the most prominent advantages of managed WordPress hosting. Read on before trying it for your website.

High Availability and Greater Uptime 

An online business’s performance depends significantly on its website’s availability and server uptime. If a site generates revenue, it will lose a significant amount of money if there’s downtime. What’s even worse, downtime can spoil a brand’s reputation. It might also harm the website’s visibility. If the hosting service you are working with is one of the top ones working in Canada, you can expect it to offer a minimum of 99% uptime.

Due to the dynamic functionality of WordPress, high traffic can put significant strain on the server resources of WP sites. If the hosting service used by you is optimized for hosting WP sites, you’ll have access to a robust database and advanced caching. This, in turn, will keep your site responsive and functional all through the day, particularly when you need the site to perform the most.

You’ll Enjoy Expert Support 

If you work with a hosting firm that doesn’t have specialization in WordPress, addressing technical concerns unique to WordPress will be extremely difficult for them. So, you must always look to hire a company offering web hosting services Canada that have a dedicated team with WordPress knowledge and experience. Using a managed WordPress hosting solution will ensure that any problem, simple or critical, will get solved promptly.

Indeed, you may find VPS and shared hosts more affordable compared to managed WP hosting. However, they will take days and at times weeks to solve uptime or WP site issues. This will result in a loss of several thousand dollars, which will make the decision of opting for VPS or shared hosts an expensive one.

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It Uses High-performing Hosting Stack

A top managed WP hosting firm will keep testing the latest software and hardware to ensure they offer the best possible hosting environment for WordPress. These firms always use high-performing, advanced hosting tech stack. They fine-tune the stack to meet the unique requirements of WordPress.

Modern hosts usually work using a public cloud provider as these providers offer more equipped hosting infrastructures compared to the traditional options.

You’ll Have Access to Automatic Updates 

Using managed WP hosting solutions would mean that all core WP applications and required plugins will get updated regularly. It’s important that the software powering your website remains up to date. If that doesn’t happen, the security of your site will be compromised. Additionally, regular software updates are also crucial for keeping your website compatible with various applications.

If you are using the services of a top hosting service provider, you can expect them to keep your site’s core software up to date. What’s more, a team of experts representing that company will also monitor how the updates are impacting your site. Automated tests will be conducted regularly to ensure that your website is running smoothly following every update.

Your Site Will Be Protected by Security Features Designed for WordPress 

If you opt for a shared hosting package, don’t expect it to assist you in case you fall prey to any cyber-attack or malware issue. Managed WP domain hosting Canada, on the contrary, will always let you enjoy secure WP hosting. Working with a managed host will enable regular software updates. This, along with a dedicated hosting environment will keep your site protected from bots, hackers, and most other security issues you might face.

If you are in Canada and looking for flawless managed WordPress hosting services, you should get in touch with TnY hosting. They will provide you with the most comprehensive hosting packages for the most reasonable prices. You’ll find their services helpful irrespective of the kind of website you own, business or personal.

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