Best Anniversary Date Ideas for an out of the Box Celebration

Organizing a date with your partner on your anniversary day can never go out of trend. It is that one official day when you can get involved in romantic stuff and express how much you love each other. Okay, romance may not be the best idea for all the couples, some like to keep it fun. Still, it is an important day in every couple’s life. If you are married, you can undoubtedly understand what important your anniversary day holds for you. If not, oh! That can’t be the case, else why would you have google date ideas.

So, since you are looking for a date idea for your anniversary, I assume you have bought online gifts for her or him. No? Don’t think of planning a date without a gift. Now, let’s begin with the ideas.

Romantic Sunset date

Sunrises and sunsets are the most romantic views to witness with your partner. Watching a sun setting slowly into the horizon and enjoying the multiple layers of colors that the sun bestows in the sky is one of the best things that you will see in life. If you haven’t, you should enjoy the sunset at least once in your life, it is a very calming experience.

So, when you are planning a date for your anniversary, I suggest you go for a date where you can enjoy the setting sun in your partner’s company. Take him or her to a place from where you can easily say bye-bye to the sun and welcome the stars. Try a cafe that claims to have a sunsetting view. You can also arrange for a picnic on a spot where you two can enjoy this phenomenon and enjoy your food.

Backyard camping night

Since going out at this time may not be a very pleasing idea for many couples, you can still make your anniversary day a very memorable one. You can make use of your backyard and plan a date there. It is a camping date at the back of your house where you two can have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and still be safe. It is just like going out but still staying in a safe place.

This one requires a tent and hiking beds. Take off from the telephones in the house, your laptop, and other gadgets or the vehicle. Tell each other stories of your childhood, gaze toward the stars, play a game of cards by the spotlight, talk, and appreciate the absence of distractions of the usual life and work. This will be the best date that will let you enjoy each other’s company the most.

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Pamper with spa

A spa may not be the usual date idea that people fo on, but this is what makes you different. So, if you are up to try something unique yet really soothing and calming, then take your partner to a spa date. If you want to spoil your accomplice on your commemoration, take them by surprise planning for them a comforting spa experience.

The spa is a reviving encounter that will enable your bae to get rid of the unnecessary pressure and stress. After the spa treatment, there will be steam and shower therapy for restoration. Astounding your cooperation with this quieting experience upon the arrival of the anniversary day will show the amount you care for them and want them to be relaxed free from life stress.

So, a spa appointment will be a great idea if you and your partner want to spend a quiet time relaxing your mind and body. Book an appointment for two in advance.

Rooftop date

Another amazing date idea that will make for a romantic evening is the rooftop date. Sure dates in cafes and hotels are special, but this time take your partner on an open roof dinner and you will see what is the difference. Dates on the top of the roof are pleasing and calming.

You can literally enjoy the scenic beauty of your town and stay in touch with nature at the same time. It is a perfect mix of nature and view that you can enjoy while celebrating an important day of your life with your partner. You know things become more romantic when they are done under the stars. Make the most of the weather and enjoy the hot dinner while chit-chatting with your love. You can also get online gifts for husband or wife and present them on the dinner date.


This date is only for adventurous couples. If you two like to explore new places and see anniversary as another chance to go on an adventure, then I suggest you try a trekking date. You and your partner can go on a trek and have lunch at the highest point of the mountain. This will be a great experience for both of you that will add to the memories.

These are the date ideas that you can use on your anniversary to make it perfect.

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