Gama Pahalwan’s Biography: The Great Gama Most Respected Wrestler

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Gama Pahalwan’s Biography Gama Pahalwan’s full name is Ghulam Mohammed Baksh Butt, but he was more commonly known as Rustom E-Hind. Gama Pahalwan was known as The Great Gama. He was a Pahalwani strongman and wrestler in the British Raj. At the beginning of the 20th Century, he was the undisputed champion in subcontinental wrestling. Gama Pahalwan’s birthday … Read more

Why Is It Necessary To Get Lab Test Results While Buying Delta 10 Edible?

Delta 10 Edible

There has been a predominant belief that organic products are in their purest form when derived. However, this belief has led to health issues among people who use organic products without purifying them properly. It is interesting to note that even Ayurveda somewhat supports the notion. Though it may apply to a few herbal products, … Read more

5 After-School Activities That Are Ideal for Kids

After-School Activities for Kids

As the Australian summer is fast approaching, this is a time when your kids are looking for things to do after school (and during the holidays); every parent is concerned that their children are spending too much time online. If kids are left to their own devices, boredom often kicks in and that almost always … Read more

Which Is The Better Plant: A Groovy Looking Rubber Plant or a Garden Bush

Which Is The Better Plant: A Groovy Looking Rubber Plant or a Garden Bush

When it comes to plants, there are a lot of options out there. Maybe you’re looking for a rubber plant that will look groovy and modern, or maybe you want something with more traditional aesthetics. In this article, we’re going to compare the two most popular types of plants – the rubber plant and the … Read more