Beat The Sun This Summer With Five Best Wide Brim Dress Hats For Men

It’s hot humid, and the summer sun is unrelenting. Beat the heat this summer with a wide brim dress hat that can protect you from harmful UV rays. Earlier, only women had the luxury of trying new wide brim dress hats. However, the time has changed a lot now. There are also great style dress hats with wide brims designed for men.

If you are a working-class man, you can try a dress hat with your office attire to get a perfect look. These hats are perfect for making a classic style statement for men. These wide-brim hats are perfect for street style lovers to match with loose t-shirts and rugged denim.

Take a look at the best five best dress hats for men. Whatever you come up with, these hats are great for every dress type due to their versatile nature. Whether you’re looking for a timeless fedora or something more modern, these five best men’s wide brim hats are sure to shield your face and head from the brutal summer sun

Sunrise Yellow Fedora Hat

This wide brim fedora is the perfect item for men who want to trend. It comes in a yellow color that looks fabulous and stylish to match your outfits. Besides, this great hat also features a leather hat band stitched with waxed thread at the edges.

You can hat-up with these beautifully styled hats available in different designs this summer. This dark-colored hat signifies elegance and tenacity with your looks. It is made with some of the finest quality felt wool to provide a warmer experience to your head.

Key Features

  • Big brim size of around 3 3/4″ and stylish crown of 4 1/2″
  • Made with best quality Felt Wool
  • Comes With a stylish leather hat band

Men’s Geneva Wide Brim Felt Fedora

This is another best example of a wide brim felt fedora. It features a hard straw crown with 4 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ brim. For providing complete protection against harmful UV rays, it is made with 100% of Felt Wool. This one is certainly the top choice among all the best wide brim dress hats for men’s.

You can wear this hat on any special occasion, official meeting, or while going out with friends on weekends. The crown has a classic shape and an upturned brim to suit different outfits. The hatband is made with genuine leather to give comfort to your head.

Key Features

  • Wide brim size of 4 1/2″ and 4 1/2″
  • Made with the best quality Felt Wool
  • Available in different colors
  • The hatband is feather made to give additional comfort

Outsider Style Men’s Engraved Felt Fedora Hat 

This wide brim-felt fedora is a perfect summer hat for men. The hat comes with a crown size of 4 5/8″ and has a brim size of 2 7/8″. This wide brim hat comes in different colors as black, rust, white, brown, or green. You can select the color you like most to make your office outfit look superb. It’s time for you to be classy and trendy in casual events with this stylish dress hat available in different styles and color choices.

Key Features

  • Wide Brim size of 2 7/8″
  • Great summer wide brim fedora for men
  • Different designs are available

Men’s Garland

This is another awesome wide brim fedora specially designed for men. This lightweight wide brim fedora is 100% felt wool and cotton lining. The hat comes with a crown size of 4 3/8″ and a brim size of 4 1/2″.

One of the best-selling wide brim dress hats looks elegant and awesome with your summer outfits. Moreover, you will get a discount of up to 50% on this great summer hat by using the coupon code mentioned on this page.

Key Features

  • Crown Size:4 3/8″ and Brim Size:4 1/2″
  • Made With the best quality felt Wool and lining made from Cotton
  • Gives a unique look to the wearer
  • Versatile and can be paired with any style

Men’s Jawa Wide Brim Felt Fedora

This is another good example of a wide brim fedora for men. It features a crown size of 4″ and a brim size of 3 1/8″. This lightweight traditional hat is made with 100% felt wool and cotton lining. It also features a hand-stitched leather hatband that makes a great headband for your summer hat. It comes in different color choices: black, brown, burgundy, and olive green.

Key Features

  • Wide Brim Size:3 1/8″ and Crown Size:4″
  • Five eyelet stitching on the crown
  • Made with the best quality felt Wool and lining made from cotton

You cannot miss out on these five best wide brim dress hats for men. They are perfect for giving a classical look and the creative accessories of your trousers. With these hats made from 100% wool and cotton lining, you can feel the heat from the scorching sun, durable and comfortable to wear.

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