Best Premium Bead, Utility, and Tactical OTF Knifes

The Out of the Front Knife also referred to as the otf knife, is the perfect utility knife to have around you. It is easy to carry, reliable, and easy to access when you need it. It was initially designed for military use for fast and easy access in emergencies.

You only need to press a button or switch to access the blade. The whole process requires only one hand. This versatility has made the OTF knife the preferred pocket knife for most people. But how do you know which is the best otf knife for you? Below is the ultimate guide to purchasing an otf knife.

Single Action or Double Action Knife

The otf knife comes in two variants the double-action blade and the single-action blade. Which blade to choose between the two should be among the first question you ask yourself before buying an otf knife.

The single-action blade has a spring mechanism that releases the edge, but you must manually retract it. It is also referred to as partial one-handed as you only use one hand to open up the knife, but you will need two hands to retract the blade.

The double-action blade has a mechanism to release and retract the edge with a button press. This makes the otf knife fully one-handed. Your knife needs should influence the decision on which of these two knives you should go for.

Blade Size

Knowing the size of the blade you require will significantly improve your user experience with it. Choosing a small blade or knife size will reduce your ability to use it to perform large tasks, and a large one might get in the way of your other things in the pocket.

The tasks you will be using the otf knife should determine the best blade size for you. For small cuttings like opening the mail and everyday use, a small otf knife should be sufficient. However, for more significant tasks like when going camping, you should go for a larger knife blade.

Single Edged or Double-Edged Knife

A single-edged knife is handy enough to perform general daily tasks to a high level. Only one of its edges is sharp, but it can still effectively cut through things. The double-edged knife has both of its edges sharp. It is best used when performing camping activities.

However, you should be very careful when using the double-edged otf knife as you can easily hurt yourself. Only go for it in extreme circumstances, as the single-edged blade can still perform its tasks to a high standard.

Type of Material Used

Another important factor to consider is the material used for knives. The material determines how long the blade will last and how it feels in hand. If you want a reliable otf knife that will last longer, you should choose one with an aluminum body, a stainless steel blade, and hand-built. These materials also give the otf knife a premium feel. You should buy this kind of knife for camping or plan to use it regularly.

However, they are usually more expensive. If you do not regularly use the knife, don’t mind having basic material, or have a small budget, you can get one with a plastic body, high carbon steel blade and stamped knives. Stamped are machine-made, unbalanced, and of lower quality and thus are cheaper. They are perfect for anyone who doesn’t regularly use the knife.


Choosing an otf knife is not easy. So many brands, types, sizes, colors, and shapes make the process brain-racking. The guide above should ease the process and help you narrow down to what you need depending on your use for it and your general preferences.

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