Bursting the Common Myths Regarding Class IV Laser Therapy

Painless therapies are no less than a dream. Every time we get injured, the thought of surgeries and drug medications frightens us the most. With the availability of laser treatments, you’ll never get indecisive about your recovery and healing process. It is pretty sad to know that still, so many people overlook its advantages as a part of their obliviousness.

One such type includes class IV laser therapy, the best alternative to pharmaceutical doses and invasive procedures. It ensures a quick and pain-free experience that is worthwhile to the patients. This innovative technology is supremely favorable to the medical sector. Many people assume this therapy to be unsafe, damaging to health, etc. Contrary to the stereotypes, it is the most beneficial and effective treatment ever introduced to humanity.

The article below aims to disentangle the reality from the myths relating to class IV laser therapy so that you can take the utmost advantage of this treatment.

Overview of class IV laser therapy

Before we consider the myths, it is essential to dive into the Class IV laser therapy procedure. It is a technique in which the specialist exposes the hand-operated laser device directly to the affected body part. The laser efficiently penetrates deeply into the skin, producing heat within the body part.

This heat stimulates ATP production (Adenosine Triphosphate) at the cellular level. This increased concentration causes the ATP to provide a large amount of energy that helps speed up the body processes allowing the healing process to begin eventually.

What treatments does it offer?

Go for a class IV laser therapy near you that excels in curing multitudes of muscular and skeletal-related injuries. These include pulled muscle, back pain, ligament sprains, muscle strains, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and other deformities. The laser effectively improves the cell regeneration process by reducing swelling in specific areas.

It accelerates bone reforming, tissue development, nerve and blood vessels generation, ultimately reducing the pain and inflammation. This therapy serves a dual role in treating both internal and external injuries. It uses low-level light waves that perforate into the skin, promoting development in that region. In contrast, the treatment of superficial wounds involves ultrasound waves that also serve a speedy recovery.

Now let us have a look at the myths below:

Myth #1:

It is painful and causes burns

It is an absolute myth considering that laser therapy will cause unbearable pain or discomfort. It has to be one of the gentlest procedures that use light resources to cure, so there is no chance of any pain. Unlike surgeries, it is a non-invasive procedure that claims to treat the injury without interfering with the instruments and tools.

The chiropractor uses the lightest hands possible to comfort the attendant during the therapy sessions. This therapy uses low-level light waves, so the concern of radiation burns should not bother you anyway. The patients feel restfulness and warmth in the swollen area right after the laser exposure, and the pain also gradually gets less.

Myth #2:

The laser cannot penetrate the deeper tissues

The function of this therapy revolves around treating internal injuries as well, so it is unjustifiable to say that it cannot penetrate deeper. The power of the laser light used varies to the location of the injury. A high-power laser penetrates in case of more profound tissue damage. The patients feel wellness after therapy which is evidence that the penetration is adequately deep.

Myth #3:

The laser is harmful to health

Stop believing this false assumption that the laser will negatively affect your health. Class IV laser therapy works by stimulating your tendons and ligament and boosting collagen production to reduce the dependence on medication and surgeries.

This treatment has no side effects on your body organs, so obviously, it is not risky to your health and fitness. In fact, it helps improve your blood circulation and provides nourishment to the injured parts so that your body can recover in a better way. The patients also experience a prominent enhancement in their movement after the therapy.

Myth #4:

The laser might destroy the other healthy tissues

It is a hard-based fact that the healthy tissues are strong enough to resist and handle the laser rays. Anyhow they don’t get negatively affected. The laser only works on the damaged tissues to strengthen them, and nothing goes wrong with the healthy ones.

Myth #5:

It is a time-consuming process

You are misguided if laser therapy seems a lengthy process to you. This session will nearly take you 10 minutes to complete, and after that, you will be free from the painful body. Light can deliver a large amount of energy in a short time, hoping the process to finish quickly.

The time also depends upon the acuteness of your injury and sometimes involves more sittings than usual. It is also suitable for you to consult with the specialist and conduct a detailed discussion over the symptoms of your injury so he can draw a proper conclusion out of it and give you the right treatment.

Myth #6:

It can cause cancer

People use light waves containing suitable isotopes to kill cancer cells. It is technically impossible to expect these lasers to cause cancer despite being used for their cure.

Myth #7:

It is way too expensive

Class IV laser therapy undoubtedly costs more than medicines and surgeries, but the comfort it guarantees makes it reasonable from the price point of view. Before considering it expensive, keep in mind that this procedure is pain-free compared to a surgery whose just thought even haunts us. Secondly, you don’t have to rely upon dosage for treatment or wait for the after-surgery healing time. This laser therapy will give you the desired results in the least sittings, so it is worth the money.

Final Verdict:

Everybody witnesses a time in life where they meet some accident or get injured through some other way. When things get out of control, we often find the treatment necessary. If you are not in favor of medication or the thought of surgery gets you scared, class IV laser therapy is the perfect option for you to consider. It serves you with the most therapeutic experience that will make you forget all the pain and wounds. It is a treatment that promises appealing results to the patients with zero side effects.

The above guide presents a clear-cut explanation regarding the laser therapy myths. We expect this to be your first preference from now onwards in case of any mishap. We hope that this guide was clear and helpful. Let us know through your comments what you think about this article and leave suggestions to improve our learning.

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