Caravan Diesel Heaters – All Thing to Know

Are you planning a trip with your family during the winter but consider how you will keep your Caravan warm when the weather gets really cold? No need to worry! Get diesel heaters!

Caravan heaters are simple units that can warm your caravan quickly and efficiently all year round, regardless of the weather, without any noise. It is also known as night heaters, air heaters parking heaters.

If you want to buy a safe and cheaper caravan heater, this article is for you! Here we have covered all the information you need to know about diesel heater for camper.

Types of Diesel Heater

Generally, there are two types of diesel heater that you will find for your Caravan. However, if you want to know more about them, don’t hesitate! Scroll down and know!

  1. Portable Diesel Heaters

These types of heaters are movable and do not require any installation process. In addition, they usually come with a handy remote control. But if you are using portable diesel heaters, you need to store them in a suitable place to protect them from the other elements.

  1. Mounted Diesel Caravan Heaters

These heaters are popular, especially for those who use them frequently. No matter where you park your Caravan, all you need to do is press the start button, and the hot air will start to come out. But for the installation, takes a lot of work. In addition, you must have some space to store it.

Why Choose A Diesel Heater?

But why choose a Diesel water heater rather than an electric or water heater. Here we have listed some advantages that you can have when using a caravan heater. Let’s take a look below:

  • Auto shut-off function
  • Better temperature control
  • Affordable and easier to install
  • Superior heating performance
  • Better temperature control
  • Produces clean, dry heat

How Diesel Heaters For Caravans Work?

A diesel heater directs cold air from the motorhome through an intake channel. It then passes over a tube-shaped metallic surface which heats all the air that passes through it.

The duct then directs the ventilated air directly to an outlet. As a result, hot air is expelled from the duct and enters the Caravan. However, the process is repeated repeatedly, which leads to hot air coming through the Caravan’s interior regularly.

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Which Diesel Heater Is Right For You?

Ultimately, it depends on your brand preference for which diesel heater is right for you. In addition, caravans are all different in terms of materials, sizes and installation techniques. So, there are some queries you should ask yourself before deciding which one to buy.

  • Where will you place the diesel heater?
  • Is there enough room to install the unit in your preferred location?
  • How far is the heater unit from the fuel tank? The closer they are, the better.
  • Is there a proper place for the control switch and thermostat? Here you have to think about operational efficiency.
  • Do you have sufficient freight allowance for the additional heaviness of the diesel heater and full diesel fuel tank?
  • Are you buying a device that includes a warranty?
  • Are there service agents throughout the country you are traveling to?
  • Any installation kit is available for your caravan brand?

Best Caravan Diesel Heater

Here we have rounded the best RV diesel heater to help you figure out which one is right for your Caravan!

  1. Webasto Diesel Heater
  2. Eberspacher AirTronic Heater
  3. Autoterm Diesel Heater
  4. Truma Combi D Diesel Heater
  5. Vinteky Air Diesel Heater

Best Caravan Diesel Heater

Closing Words

If you desire to spend time with your friends and loved ones during the cold winters, your Caravan must be equipped with a heater. But if your motorhome is not installed with a heater, first choose the right heater for the camper.

In case you find any difficulty, take a look at the brands mentioned above. They are highly recommended due to their beneficial characteristics. So, you have to select the one that meets your requirements and purpose.

What are you waiting for? It is the moment to say goodbye to the cold weather conditions and enjoy your caravan trip by installing a diesel heater in it.

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