Carport: A Safe Investment

If you have bought a car, you know how important it is to store it in your home. Building garages might be a sensible option, but it takes a lot of money and effort to build.

Lots of Australian homes have garages. But how often is a garage used for its original purpose? Most Australian garages store many items for a few days, quickly turning into a few years.

Investing in a car is a worthwhile endeavour. However, they require frequent cleaning and upkeep to maintain their performance and attractiveness.

Many Australian homes are now replacing their garage with carports with many advantages. A carport is a handy addition to any home and not just to keep vehicles clean and secure.

These open-air parking lots can be precisely what you need. They can add curb appeal, shelter the car from the front entrance, and maximize site use. Dive in to find out more.

Installing Carports: Know the Benefits

A Carport is a great substitute for a garage when your home doesn’t have much surrounding area. Here are some more benefits of installing a carport that you may not have known you needed.

  • Versatile Usage: Your carport could also be used as an outdoor porch, and their uses are unlimited. It is a terrific location to relax when you need extra space outside for BBQs and family gatherings.
  • Threat Safety: A carport protects your car from vandalism and other random attacks from intruders. Unlike a garage, it allows you to keep an eye on your vehicle.
  • Vehicle: Carports may store any vehicle, not only cars. For instance, RVs, houseboats, motorcycles, and trailers are standard.
  • Energy Efficient: Bright lighting, electric door openers, and other amenities are no longer necessary with a carport. This means that your home’s energy consumption will be lowered, which will positively impact your monthly utility expenses.
  • Sheltering: Your carport’s shade will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the summer heat. It also keeps your car and its inside from overheating, preventing potential damage as well as saving you time.

Australian residents who are elderly or alone can benefit from a carport. Because their structure is usually adjacent to your home’s side, you won’t have to worry about parking.

Popular Designs in Australia

If you want to create a carport in your front yard, examine your house. Here are the most common carport designs in Australia:

Carport with a Dutch Gable

The Dutch Gable carport style is most suited for this structure with a sloped roof. In cities like Melbourne and Sydney, it’s a common addition to new construction. A Dutch Gable carport elegantly joins the home as you enter the driveway.

Carport with a Hip Roof

Due to the simplicity of the Hip roof carport, it complements both modern and classic Australian house designs. A hip roof carport can be utilised for guest parking or a covered outdoor area by the homeowner.

Gabled Carport

A Gable carport has two sloped sides and appears to be an extension of your house. You may now enjoy your outside parties with this Gable carport as a shed to host your guests.

Skillion Carport

Simple lines and a flat roof distinguish this carport from others. This style works well for small and large homes, but heritage properties favour it more.


In the non-existence of a garage, parking your car at home can be a headache. A carport is an excellent option if you want to park your vehicle outside. The best carports seem like an extension of your home and blend seamlessly into the landscape.

Not to forget, your home’s value can also be increased by installing a carport.

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