Recognizing Signs of Self-Harm and Suicide Risk in Teenagers

Suicide Risk in Teenagers

Teenagers often face numerous challenges as they navigate the complexities of adolescence. From academic pressures to social dynamics, they are constantly confronted with various emotions and experiences. Unfortunately, some teenagers may be overwhelmed by these challenges, leading to self-harm or suicidal thoughts. As parents, educators, and friends, we must know the warning signs and how … Read more

5 After-School Activities That Are Ideal for Kids

After-School Activities for Kids

As the Australian summer is fast approaching, this is a time when your kids are looking for things to do after school (and during the holidays); every parent is concerned that their children are spending too much time online. If kids are left to their own devices, boredom often kicks in and that almost always … Read more

Is it Difficult to Choose Pre-kindergarten for Your Kid in Hougang?

Choose Pre-kindergarten for Your Kid in Hougang

Scouting for the right pre-kindergarten in Hougang (or in any part of Singapore) can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re a first-time parent.  Given the number of great pre-kindergartens in Hougang and the several factors to consider when looking for a preschool in Singapore, we can’t really say whether it’s easy or difficult to find the … Read more

Continuing Education for Nurses: How To Do It Entirely Online

Continuing Education for Nurses

A career in nursing can be challenging, hectic, and stressful—especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. So the last thing on the minds of nurses on the front line of healthcare is keeping track of continuing education (CE) requirements for maintaining a nursing license.  Many nurses wait until right before the renewal CE completion deadline to look … Read more

Can a Data Engineer Become a Good Data Scientist?

Data Engineer

It is known that today’s digital world runs on data. So the importance of data science is increasing rapidly day by day. Data science aims to find patterns and insights within data (structured and unstructured). Data science plays a vital role in every organization as it can help them monitor, manage, and collect performance measures … Read more

King Kong Coloring Pages for Kids can be Printable for Free Download

King Kong Color Pages

King Kong coloring pages: Inspiring children’s interest in coloring through ideal characters As a child, teaching children to color is a necessary activity because it is not only very beneficial but also very educational. Besides, teaching children to color also supports the development of many skills if parents know how to guide their children to … Read more

Debunking Common Business Plan Myths to Steer Your Organization in the Right Direction

Common Business Plan Myths

Business plans have been integral to the success of an organization, for ages. You cannot ignore or undermine the importance of business plans since they assist organizations in setting strategic goals and identifying qualified investors. Even though the purpose and format of business plans have gone through consistent changes, they are still critical for all … Read more