How to Remove Waterproof Mascara at Home Safely?

Cold Cream

Stocking summer, humid weather, and emotional eyes create inseparable love for waterproof mascara, after all, who on earth in the 21st century dares to take a chance with a pesky non-waterproof mascara that can leave you with raccoon eyes any time without notifying you. Thankfully! Waterproof mascara is such a blessing; it allows us to … Read more

How to Improve Women’s Hair Quality in 2021?

Improve Women's Hair Quality

According to British study analysis, 60 percent of women affected by hair loss believe that their career has suffered as a result of the optical change. And in a scientific study of chemotherapy, almost half of the patients said that the loss of their hair was the worst part of the entire treatment. How important … Read more

10 Facts About Nails That you Don’t Know

10 Facts About Nails That you Don’t Know

Do you want to know facts about nails? Our body needs various nutrients to function properly. Some of these nutrients are required daily. The deficiency of these nutrients can cause various health disorders. Protein is one of those essential nutrients. It is required for various functions in the body. The high amount of protein in … Read more

What Is 100% Virgin Remy Hair?

What is Virgin Remy Hair

What Is 100% Virgin Remy Hair? Hair extensions come in two major forms: synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic hair is an artificial hair extension produced from animal products and fiber and coated with silicone to protect it from tangling. However, once the chemical is washed off, the synthetic hair extension mattes and tangles, making … Read more