7 Tips For Medicine Management For Seniors In 2022

Medicine Management For Seniors In 2022

As an older individual, you probably have to take a plethora of medications throughout the day. Hence, remembering their names, purposes, and when to take them can pose a real challenge for anyone. Yes, we understand. That’s precisely why we have curated this guide to help you manage your medicinal routine appropriately. So, without making … Read more

Role of A Dental Lab In Cosmetic Dentistry

dental lab

Dental technology is integral to success in dentistry. Usually, cosmetic dentistry is the outcome of accurate and synchronized teamwork between a cosmetic dentist and technicians of a dental lab. Most patients are unaware of the role Keating dental lab plays in the restoration of their smiles.  The modern-day dental lab is more than just a … Read more

5 Most Common Ergonomic Disorder Risks at the Workplace

Common Ergonomic Disorder Risks

Ergonomic disorders affect the connective tissues and the musculoskeletal system of the body. Such disorders are caused by repetitive physiological movements like twisting, bending, reaching, crawling, climbing, or overextending. The most common ergonomic disorders include musculoskeletal disorders: carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, arthritis, and tendinitis. Ergonomic injuries can impact individuals belonging to any industry, … Read more

7 Exercise Tips that Can Help You During Cancer

Exercise Tips for Cancer

Cancer treatment does not only depend on the right medications, surgeries, and therapies, but it also requires the patient to make lifestyle changes. Doctors treating cancer recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet for the very same reasons. Research shows that exercise has numerous benefits for those who struggle with or are at risk of … Read more

Manage Joint Pain with These 7 Home Remedies

Joint Pain

30-Second Summary Sore, throbbing joints can make a simple movement pretty painful and ruin life’s simple pleasure. The most common causes of joint pain are arthritis, aging, posture problems, a sedentary lifestyle, previous injuries, strains, and sprains, or bursitis. The CDC says, nearly 43.5% (23.7 million) of the 54.4 million adults suffer limited activities due … Read more