Chest Workouts at Home | Best 7 Exercises To Do

Do you want to do chest workouts at home? Every one of us wants to keep our body fit and toned but for many reasons, we fail to opt for a gym or any other physical workout sessions that are on a paid basis. The official session workouts need ample time and money to be spent on fitness.

How would you feel if I say that there are several physical exercises and their combinations which can be followed on a regular basis without having any costly gym memberships or club memberships?

Chest workouts at home aren’t a hard thing to find, by any means. Yes! it is very much practical and possible by doing these domestic exercises and routines you can reduce the excessive weight and fat from your body. In this piece of information, you will get to know about some easy to do yet very effective exercises that can be done at home itself.

These workouts are dedicated to shape up your chest and under this lockdown condition, you can follow it with ease to get the best shape of your chest. So, try out these stunning chest workouts at your home.

The 7 Most Effective Chest Workouts at Home

Regular Push-Ups

It is the most common technique of doing push-ups. Start with lying on the surface of your floor then stand on your hands and feet toes then start pressing down touching the chest area to the floor and repeat it for 3 consecutive sets. The number of repetitions depends on your capabilities and level of fitness.

Diamond Push-Ups

It is a very effective technique to do push-ups. The body posture will same but the hands will be placed together making a diamond shape between both the palms. Now, hold the whole-body weight on your hands in the same position and do the push-ups back to back for 3 sets.

Inclined Push-Ups

Although this is a little tough for beginners gradually, it can be exercised. You need to do the standard push-ups by placing your hands on the 2 feet height surface or some object. So that you can have an impact of the workout on the right areas of the chest.

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Declined Push-Ups

Declined push-ups are just like inclined ones but in this workout, your feet will be placed on at least 2 feet of height and your hands will be on the floor. So, your body posture will be in a declined position while doing the push-ups.

Bench Press with Dumbbells

Unlike the bench press road, this exercise is done with a pair of dumbbells or you can use heavy bricks of the same weight and size at home. You need to lie on the bench setting it up on the high angle and then do the workout. It is a very effective workout for chest.

Chest Fly with Dumbbells

Chest fly can be worked out with a pair of dumbbells or you can use a pair of objects with the same weight and size. You need to lie on your back on the floor and spread your hands holding the dumbbells now, press your hands closed on the upside, and repeat.

T-Press Ups

In this workout, your body posture will be in a T-shape spreading hands on the opposite sides where one hand will be on the floor and another hand will be above your head. Now stretch it to the maximum level and hold it. Repeat the same process with the other side.

You can keep yourself motivated and extremely fit by applying these stunning sets of home workouts for chest under this lockdown situation. And you can shape up yourself with maximum strength.

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