5 Things to Consider While Choosing a Function Venue

Balmain, with its waterfront location, proximity to the city and family-friendly neighborhoods, is a gem of a suburb. Many families opt to move to the area due to its attractive schools, cafes, shops, restaurants, commute and community feeling.

It has over 10.453 residents according to the 2016 census and is easily one of the most popular and growing neighborhoods. This popularity has also increased the demand for Balmain function venues for birthday parties, weddings, anniversary celebrations, conferences, school and official events and more.

Event organisers are constantly confronted with many important decisions every day. One of the biggest decisions they need to make, which has the largest impact on the function is the venue. It has a direct effect on the event date, invitees, catering options, ambience, cost and accessibility. Therefore, event organisers must start looking for function locations early on considering all the factors such as:

Location of the Function Venue

Local events in Balmain demand a venue at a reasonable distance from the homes and offices of most attendees. If the function attendees are out of town, it helps to host the event near an airport or the hotels they are staying in. Event organisers must also consider the mode of transportation, traffic, and parking options while choosing a venue. It also helps to get an official contract with the venue provider to avoid changing venues. Event managers can provide GPS maps, parking/ shuttle information and driving directions to help the attendees commute easily.

Parking Facilities

One of the main issues with hosting events with a huge number of attendees or communities is the lack of parking space to accommodate all of them. The best Balmain function venues come with sufficient parking spaces and provide valet parking. If the venues do not have enough space, event organisers must ensure the presence of parking lots nearby that the attendees can use.

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Capacity and Food & Beverage Services of the Venue

One of the essential things to consider while picking a venue is its capacity. If the event organisers plan to host 500 people, they cannot book a venue that has a 300-person capacity. It also violates the fire and safety codes of the local government and the venue. Some function venues in Balmain provide food and beverage services. It helps to negotiate with the venue regarding the minimum number and the cost to get the best deal. Organisers must also be flexible enough to make necessary adjustments to the capacity and F&B before or during the event.

Amenities and Infrastructure

Good food and catering service is an integral part of a successful event. Trusted function venues provide kitchen facilities to accommodate the catering services. Or they have partnerships with food providers to provide a seamless experience. Organisers can save a great deal of time, effort and money if the venue has appropriate seating for the theme and ambience, including chairs, tables and linens. The best Balmain function venues provide a setup and clean up crew to help organise the event without hassles. These days every event or function involves some form of audio/video presentation or least of all music. Therefore, checking for AV facilities or requesting one is essential.


Several venues that have good infrastructure require event organisers and businesses to have insurance while booking. They request liability insurance to ensure safety, protection and proper use of the venue. Therefore, event organisers must check about this requirement with the venue and consult liability insurance agents to procure the same.

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