Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol Use On Weight Change

Weight change and usage of alcohol and drugs!

Is there any connection?

People suffering from either of these addictions either tend to lose weight or gain weight very drastically.

Psychiatric Association defines substance abuse as using substances excessively to the point of causing clinical impairments and significant social, academic, and professional development impairments.

Adolescents and adults who have been previously healthy may start to experience significant health problems after they begin substance abuse.

In most cases, substance abuse leads to irregular eating patterns and poor nutrition, which can adversely affect their health.

Let’s start with alcohol!

Alcohol can increase your weight by causing you to consume extra calories, sugar, and carbohydrates. You’re also likely to consume more unhealthy food than you would if you weren’t drinking.

If you drink too much alcohol and limit how much you drink, you may gain weight, which is one of many health considerations.

Now, when it comes to drug use!

Some intravenous drugs are known for taking away all the nutrients from your body. As a result, we are seeing people with drastic weight loss when they get under the influence of this addiction.

Drugs are also known to dehydrate the body as well. As a result, you will see patients with thinning hair and dry, flaky skin as well.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, there is an issue, and you must talk to them!

You can also read more to get more information on recovery.

How Alcohol Affects Your Metabolism

In addition to not containing any nutrients, alcohol contains ’empty’ calories, so it can make people feel full, especially if you consume heavy quantities. Alcohol cannot be stored by the body, so once it is consumed, it is removed from the body quickly.

Now, when you drink a lot of alcohol, your intestinal tract is damaged, and the body has trouble absorbing and utilizing vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from food.

Alcohol can also cause a slowdown of certain processes in the body, such as digestion, where vitamins, minerals, sugar, and amino acids are released from food for use by cells for proper growth, development, and repair.

Will Too Much Alcohol Make Me Fat?

This is a very common question that we are often asked; this is the closest answer which you can get from this.

Yes, there are a bunch of reasons for which alcohol can affect weight gain.


  • First is, of course, the metabolism, which we already discussed. The breakage of food items within the system gets very difficult when infused with alcohol.
  • The second reason alcohol can cause weight gain is because it has calories. Not only is the alcohol itself calorie, but the additives and mixers used to provide the alcohol may contain both calories and sugar.
  • Third, alcohol consumption leads to weight gain due to the calories it contains.
  • Fourth, alcohol stimulates your appetite, so you are more likely to eat more and make poorer food choices.

Not only will you feel hungry when you drink, but you will also have less control, eliminating the need to think about healthy food choices.

Another link between alcohol and weight gain is that alcohol is known to suppress the central nervous system and, as a result, reduce all functions of the body. This will probably only have a significant impact on chronic drinkers.

How Can Drugs Affect Weight Loss

Some substances of abuse can also affect your weight in an opposite manner, i.e., they can cause weight loss. 

– They do this by affecting organs and metabolism, hijacking your brain, and changing your priorities. 

If drug or consumption is at the forefront, this can lead to unhealthy eating habits, such as skipping meals or not eating less nutritious foods.


Weight loss is an inevitable signal of cocaine dependence, methamphetamine dependence, and sometimes even MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy) abuse. 

These stimulants regularly urge for food suppressants and can alternate the manner energy, and fats are metabolized. 

For example, a few research have proven that cocaine dependence modifies the manner our body breaks down and fats. Scientists do not know precisely why this happens. However, studies indicate that it happens.


Even hallucinogens like, if we talk about LSD can motivate weight loss. Individuals who abuse hallucinogens can witness nausea and vomiting as common effects, which can impact your urge for food and calorie intake of fat.


Weight loss comes very often with opioid dependence because of opioids and opiates’ especially people who have addictive nature and have drug-seeking behaviors, which can absolutely take over one’s life. 

Often ordinary practices like consuming three foods a day, getting sufficient sleep, and private hygiene fall apart!

Opiate dependence can damage your organs, which might also additionally cause weight reduction if there is an equal approach to alcohol abuse. 

Gastrointestinal problems could make consuming food uncomfortable and avoid the absorption of nutrients. 

Plus, Injecting opioids also can cause ailments like HIV, Hepatitis, and different infections and illnesses that can cause weight reduction.

Prescription Pills 

Weight loss may be a signal of prescription drug addiction. Abuse of any form of substance, even prescription medicinal drugs, can cause weight reduction and different detrimental effects. 

Prescription painkillers incorporate opioids, which may result in weight reduction via organ harm and drug-searching for behaviors. 

Prescription stimulants together with Ritalin and Adderall, which can be prescribed for ADHD, can suppress the urge for food in approaches much like cocaine, meth, and unlawful stimulants.

It Is Not Just Your Mind!

Sometimes people are more attracted to drugs, stimulants, and alcohol because of the euphoric effects it has on our body and mind.

Thus, they tend to forget the unhealthy and very drastic effect they are having on the body.

It is always better to take the precautionary measure, gain more insights into these effects and prepare your mental health. 

So that you can confidently say ‘no’; if and when the time comes!

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