5 Essential Tips to Care for Your Leather Shoes

Many people that have a job of active nature like to use leather shoes because of their better quality and toughness. Leather shoes are very comfortable to wear and provide the best protection. Because of their durability, leather shoes are expensive as compared with shoes made from any synthetic material. Also, a reason for their high price is that the leather is extracted from animal skin and then is passed through an elaborate process for making it tough. The leather that’s commonly used for manufacturing shoes is Cowhide. It’s the most durable and flexible of all, and that’s the reason why it’s preferred among people.

If you prefer using leather shoes more compared to any other material, you must also know how important it is to take good care of them to make the shoes last a long time. Thus, the following are some essential tips to take care of your leather shoes.

1) Clean Your Leather Shoes regularly:

If you want to keep your shoes neat, and as shiny as new, you must clean them regularly. Use a dried soft cloth to remove the dirt from them. Rub as much as you can, but do it with soft hands. For the bottom part, use a brush that can remove dirt and sticky things. This will keep your shoes’ leather fine for a long period.

2) Polish them at least twice a week:

It’s a mandatory thing to polish your shoes at least twice a week. If the shoes aren’t polished, they gradually become dull. To prevent this problem, use good quality polish and gently apply it to your shoes using a soft brush. Don’t rub with full pressure, always keep your hands soft on them. After you’re done with the brush, apply a cloth to make them shine more.

3) Make them waterproof to keep them safe:

If you live in a country where it keeps raining, snowing, and the weather is icy, you must waterproof your shoes to keep them safe. You can use beeswax, waterproofing sprays, or put galoshes over your leather shoes to make them waterproof. If you’re choosing to go for the beeswax option, first you’ve to melt the wax, after which it can be applied with the help of a brush. Waterproofing sprays can make your work easier. You just have to apply them to your shoes and the work is done. The third option consists of putting galoshes to your shoes, but you’ll have to compromise on their looks.

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4) Walk softly and concentrate on the road:

Leather shoes are very expensive, so if you wish to keep them with you for a longer period, ‌walk carefully. It will prevent you from falling and also you won’t get hit by something lying on the road. Always take medium steps and walk slowly, concentrating on the road or the path you’re walking on. This will keep you and your shoes both safe and sound.

5) Store them properly:

When you’re not wearing your shoes, don’t just keep them carelessly in the place you want them to be stored. Some preventive measures must be taken to increase their lifespan. You can insert shoe trees before storing them, this will maintain their shape and also prevent moisture.

For the safety of the outer part of leather shoes, wrap them in a newspaper, put them in a fabric bag, and then they can be stored wherever you want. A fabric bag is best for storing anything as it absorbs moisture from the air and keeps your things safe.

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