GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit: What You Likely Shouldn’t Believe

GM has recently been in the news for an airbag recall that could impact over 30 million vehicles. In this article, the author discusses what you should know about the lawsuit and what it might mean for GM’s future.

What the GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit Says

Airbag litigation is nothing new. In fact, there has been a slew of airbag recalls in recent months as General Motors has been hit with accusations of hiding information about the potential dangers posed by their faulty devices. But with so many lawsuits pending, what should you believe?

The GM recall lawsuit alleges that General Motors knew of the danger posed by flawed airbags in more than 10 million cars and trucks over a decade ago, but hid the information from consumers. The suit also alleges that GM knew that the airbags were prone to exploding and injuring or killing people, yet continued to produce and market these vehicles.

The attorney for the plaintiffs expects this lawsuit to result in multibillion-dollar damages for his clients.

What Benefits of a Class Action Suit

There are many benefits of filing a class-action lawsuit, and many reasons why you might want to do so. A class-action lawsuit represents a large group of people who have been hurt by the same wrongdoing, which makes it more likely that their claims will be taken seriously and resolved quickly.

Furthermore, a class action can provide valuable monetary compensation to those affected, which could help mend any financial damage done as a result of the issue. And finally, as a member of a class, you may gain access to powerful legal tools that otherwise may not be available to you on your own. So if you’re considering filing a class-action lawsuit, here are some key benefits to keep in mind.

What Is with the Federal Government

The federal government is currently in the middle of a major legal battle. It’s involving GM and its Airbag Recall Lawsuit. The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) announced on Thursday that it is filing an antitrust lawsuit against the company. The suit alleges that GM conspired with other automakers to fix the prices of airbags and other safety devices.

DOJ claims this conspiracy affects millions of vehicles across the country, including in states that have not yet received a recall notice.

This move by the DOJ could lead to massive fines for GM, and some are already calling for President Donald Trump to take a more hands-on role in the company’s management. This isn’t the first time Trump has shown interest in antitrust issues – he previously hosted an event focused on fighting these types of companies. However, many experts say this lawsuit could be much more damaging for GM than any previous actions taken by Trump’s administration thus far.

While it’s difficult to know what to believe at this point, there are some things you should know about this lawsuit if you’re concerned about your car or truck’s safety. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that no individual vehicle has

How Do US Courts Work?

If you’re wondering how the US legal system works when it comes to airbag recalls, you’re not alone. Most people are unaware that there is even a justice system in place for such matters, and even fewer understand exactly how it works. Unfortunately, this ignorance can often lead to wrongful accusations, as was the case with General Motors. 

In short, here’s a brief overview of how US courts work when it comes to airbag recalls: first, there is a complaint filed by either the government or a victim of the injury. After investigating the facts of the case, a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to take action. If so, the court will order General Motors to recall its vehicles. If not, the company may be allowed to continue selling its vehicles.

Potential Outcomes of the GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit

If you’re reading this, then you likely know about the GM airbag recall lawsuit that’s being brought against the automaker. You likely also know about some of the potential outcomes. Here are three of them:

  1. GM will settle the lawsuit and pay millions of dollars in fines.
  2. The case will go to trial, and GM will lose.
  3. The case will end with a settlement that doesn’t involve any money changing hands but does involve promises from GM to improve its safety procedures.


According to recent reports, the General Motors (GM) airbag recall may be much larger than originally thought. Though GM has already begun recalling millions of cars around the world, lawsuits are starting to pile up alleging that there are even more defective cars out there waiting to be recalled.

If you have a car registered in North America and believe that it is affected by this recall, I would advise against driving it until you get an answer from GM as to whether or not your car is involved. While the safest bet might seem to wait for an official announcement from GM, do your own research and decide what feels like the best decision for you.

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