How Hotel Stays Might Be Different After Global Lockdown

Every industry has experienced a turbulent 2020, with overnight shutdowns and stay-at-home orders altering how people move, work, and live. Everyone is affected by planes being grounded and restricted movement.

Due to the nature of how much time people spend in shared public spaces when traveling for leisure or business travel, this is an aspect of health precautions that’s extra significant and has already put huge pressure on the hotel and resort sector.

The hotel experience for visitors and operations for workers will likely be vastly different as they seek to operate securely. Hotels and resorts have been obliged to evaluate everything, from cleaning methods to hand sanitizers and masks, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Based on their knowledge of hotel operations, Killarney Hotels created this infographic, “How Hotel Stays Might Be Different After Global Lockdown.” Compiling relevant statistics and analyzing safety guidelines, this helpful resource assesses what’s next for hotels as they reopen and work to welcome guests for safe, enjoyable stays.

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Covering hygiene, rooms, dining, check-in and check-out, leisure, and common spaces, this is a relevant read for travelers as well as industry professionals. Continue reading to get the complete guide and learn more about the strategic changes that are likely to be done in hotels and resorts to keep all stakeholders safe.


How Hotel Stays might be Different Post Lockdown?

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