How do you Secure a Dog Crate in a Van?

Secure a Dog Crate in a Van – Dogs are the most obedient and fun-loving pets one can ever crave for. Like humans, they love to go on long drives and indulge in adventure. Unlike Cats, they are quite adaptable and enjoy every time spent with their master.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no important criterion to follow. Traveling along with your pet dog does require a few preparations and planning to make the journey a fun-filled one.

Managing your dog

There are two modes of traveling with your dog. Either through the air or by road. While traveling by air is one of the easiest ones to reach your destination, it is also quick, yet the enjoyment of traveling by road is different. Traveling with your dog along in a van has its perks. You can enjoy the scenery and halt in between the trip and play with your dog.

While traveling in a vehicle with your dog is both a pleasure and necessity, it is recommended to secure a dog crate that can assist a lot. However, just sliding a crate will not be only helpful, rather it is recommended to take a moment and secure the crate to the vehicle to ensure safe travel.

Dogs Crate

In this article, you will be presented a complete guide on how to secure a dog crate in a van that is intact, in place, and safe for your dog.

What all things would be needed to secure your dog in the van?

Before you begin with the process of securing the dog crate in the van, ensure to keep the following things so the process is carried out well. These things include:

  • Blanket
  • Rugs
  • Towels
  • Tie-down straps

Step 1: Choose an appropriate dog crate

The foremost thing you must choose the right kind of crate for your dog. One can find innumerable designs and crates made of different materials where you can fit your dog. Look out for crates that are made of good quality plastics that can be easily fitted into the van. Besides, also look out for additional aspects like tie-down holes, safety straps, or metal brackets to bolt the dog into the vehicle. Check with your dog relocation service provider if they have their own crate.

Step 2: Keep them in a safe place

Dogs Safe Place

In the van, place the empty crate in the right place. In case the crates are small, you can ride them in the back seat. While if the crates are larger, you can secure them in the cargo area which is the rear of the van. However, ensure to never position or keep your dog crate in the passenger seat where you have an airbag. Study your van well and accordingly secure your dog crate at the right place.

Step 3: Harness your crate with a protective seat gear

For small crates, you can secure them with a seat belt. For this, place the crate at a distance on the back seat of the van. Tie a shoulder belt or a lap-style harness vertically through the seat belt and safely trap them with the crate. Ensure the belt is tight and the crate doesn’t snug away.

Lovely Dogs

On the other hand, if you do not have a seat belt to secure the crate, you can go on to place the crate on the floor of the cargo. Carpet the floor with either a towel or a blanket and secure it with a padded surface so the crate doesn’t slip.

Step 4: Hook it with proper harness

Place a metal hook of either nylon or leather strap through the front end, and tie it down the hole of the crate. You can find the holes at either corner of the crate at the base. Now stretch the tie-down strap from over the crate and hook the other end of the metal hook to the metal tie-down ring located at the left wall of the van.

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Step 6: Repeat the process

Repeat the process on the left part of the crate and wall of the van too. Once both the straps are tightly secured, grasp the top of the crate with both your hands giving a tug. Ensure the straps are not lost and properly fitted.

Step 7: Securing large crates

In comparison to smaller crates that are easier to secure, larger crates can be quite a difficult task to carry out. Larger crates can be secured in the cargo area. For this use the same system to tie down to secure bigger dogs. However, you would be needing comparatively loner tie straps depending on the height of the dog crate. Secure the metal hook ends to the straps and tie-down through the metal bracket.

Take complete care to fix the crate in the van and have the best journey with your dog and a wonderful adventure on the road with your master.

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