How Evolution in Our Lifestyle Has Changed the Society?

Change takes place when it is required or when new trends enter into the old societal values. There has been a tremendous change in the lifestyle of human races from ages. We live our lives based on principles, ethics, cultures, values, beliefs, and societal norms. And time to time we change our style of living and perception towards life.

In ancient times there were humans with tall physiques and strong built. They used to survive on the very basic natural resources. Gradually, we experienced and encountered different cultures, religious beliefs, and legal & societal norms. By the passing time, we changed our taste in food, clothes, shelter, culture, values. And to stand superior we fought with each other. Because of the technological advancements & invention of new resources, human races experienced an evolution in their lifestyle.

There are several factors responsible for changes in our lifestyle. The idea that life is getting better draws on several achievements of modern society. These changes are productive and beneficial for our modern outlook but many basic scenarios have been changed. Therefore, there are many advantages and disadvantages to this evolution.

Merits and Demerits of changes in our lifestyle


  • Better food substitutes and cousins are available today for living.
  • We live in quality & uniquely built houses with all the amenities.
  • Technological advancement has changed every process into the automatic system.
  • We have created new entertainment sources that are online & offline.
  • Human races are considered smart & intelligent as they are capable to come up with anything that is needed now and later.
  • Human has deeply understood the use of daylight and time span.
  • Transportation mediums are highly advanced that saves our time.
  • There are many occupations available on online platforms.
  • The technically advanced and deadly war weapons have been designed to control and war situation.
  • Every religion is having its own legally accepted physical place to worship their god.
  • The world is divided into countries, states, and cities to function and channelize the control effectively through political parties and authorized individuals.
  • The education system is better and they are futuristic too.
  • We have succeeded in advanced medical sciences and treatments.

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  • We have built a dependency on technology for every process and task to be done.
  • The world has become more materialistic than principled and ethical.
  • Human races are eating unhealthy food and drinking poisonous water.
  • Politics is applicable everywhere in the world at all levels from top to bottom.
  • We are building an artificial-strength.
  • Technology like, mobile phones, television, the internet, and other electronic gadgets are the main causes of new types of illnesses.
  • Because of the cross-culture effect, there is no specific culture is alive.
  • Human races are living anti-clockwise life that is against nature.
  • We are creating deadly weapons and bio-viruses that will end the lives on earth sooner.
  • Natural resources are getting sacrificed to fulfill our artificial needs and demands.

Although, we have developed everything as per our needs and wants but as they say; everything has its positives & negatives. The cultural values and ethics have been sacrificed the most. Today, we have all the power and capabilities to accomplish anything. But we are lacking behind in emotional intelligence.

This new generation is addicted to high-end technology and equipment. The nuclear family system has changed most of the situations at home. Most of all, the natural resources have been reduced on others although, the practical progress rate is very high.

Advanced medical treatments & nuclear war weapons both are great examples of human intelligence but it can be destructive & deadly if used passively. Change is a natural behavior of time and that is why we need to accept it accordingly.

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