5 Facts About How PEMF Strengthens the Immune System

Immunity is a matter of concern these days. Everyone wants to boost their immunity so that they can fight well with the coronavirus. Some doctors recommend supplements such as zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and probiotics for a better immune system.

On the other hand, some doctors consider PEMF therapy a better therapy to boost immunity. PEMF strengthens your immune system. Moreover, it promotes the natural ability of your body to protect itself.

If you really want to know how PEMF boosts the natural ability of your body to fight infections, keep reading this article.

Facts about how PEMF strengthens the immune system

The body requires nitric oxide for its immune response to infections. Nitric oxide is essential because of its role in improving circulation and lymphatic flow. You can also say that PEMF devices charge your immune cells to fight infections more effectively.

Here’re 5 different ways through which PEMF therapy helps you strengthen your immune system:

PEMF Therapy Increases Blood and Lymphatic Circulation:

The lymphatic system, arteries, and veins are in intimate connection. The lymphatic vessels and blood supply oxygen to the blood. Moreover, they also detoxify the cells by removing waste products.

PEMF therapy stimulates the lymphatic vessel for quick blood supply and waste removal. The quick blood supply to immune cells will make the immune system stronger. So, you will be in a better position to fight infection-causing viruses and bacteria.

Here are some other ways through which PEMF improves blood circulation.

PEMF increases the production of nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels increase the blood flow and promote healthy circulation.

PEMF therapy decreases the viscosity of blood and improves the circulation of nutrients and hormones. It will ultimately decrease inflammation and the likelihood of stroke.

PEMF Therapy Increases permeability of cell membrane

One excellent benefit of PEMF therapy is that it redistributes the ions across the cell membrane. The redistribution of ions stimulates the cell membrane and improves its permeability. The highly permeable means the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and blood will be higher towards the immune cells.

PEMF therapy Charge the blood cells

Sometimes blood cells lose their positive charge and clump together. This effect on blood cells is known as the Rouleaux effect. It doesn’t allow the blood cells to move through capillaries and perform their essential functions. Therefore, the oxygen level in the body will decrease. And virus and bacteria will start accumulating in your body because they grow in anaerobic conditions.

PEMF therapy will break the rouleaux effect by charging your blood cells. So, PEMF therapy makes the immune system strong by supplying sufficient oxygen.

PEMF therapy Boost the amount of nitric oxide in the body

Nitric oxide is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. It regulates the blood flow and oxygenates the body cells. PEMF therapy increases nitric oxide production in different ways. Thus it works for strengthening the immune system.

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PEMF therapy Help cells communicate better

Cells communicate with each other through electrons. Magnetic field changes the flow of electrons, affecting cell communication. PEMF therapy increases the magnetic field and helps cells communicate better.

Moreover, PEMF therapy opens nerve, lymph, blood, and meridian pathways for better communication of cells.

PEMF also Boost immunity in cancer

Canadian Cancer Society found that cancer cells weaken the immune response of the body. The reason is the effect that cancer, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy has on the bone marrow.

PEMF has its role in stimulating the T cells of the immune system. T cells destroy damaged cells and encourage the antibodies production. So, PEMF seems a great way to strengthen the immune system of the body, even in lethal diseases, such as cancer.

Final thoughts..!!!

PEMF has a critical role in promoting circulation and lymphatic flow. Regulated blood flow increases the level of oxygen and nutrients in the body. Similarly, a better lymphatic system removes the free radicals, wastes, and toxins from the body. In this way, PEMF boosts your immunity and strengthens your body to fight infection-causing bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, you must invest in PEMF devices to boost your immunity. You can buy a body mat or any smaller and portable PEMF device. If you don’t want to do the PEMF therapy at home, you can also visit any clinic that offers PEMF therapy services.

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