How to Do Cable Squats: Tips and Tricks

Cable Squats are modified patterns of doing squats. The old-school method of doing squats had been in trend for a long -time. Mostly, individuals who work out in the gym, practice squats to shape up their lower body. 

But it is a bit difficult to follow that method of doing squats in the beginning. The beginners aren’t suggested to directly practice without support squats. Rather, they can opt for cable squats.

The cable squats with rope are easy to adopt, and adding to the exercise routines. It is to be practiced by beginners. Free weight squats are difficult to be exercised initially as it needs more strength, power, and balance to achieve the accurate perfection to get the desired results. Squats focus on the core areas of the body, and especially the lower abdomen, mid-hip area, and thighs. 

It takes months of practice to enhance the workout levels. But cable squat machine helps in doing it right without getting injured during workouts. These machines are easily available in modern time gymnasiums. People with less core strength can also add it to their physical workout routines for better results. Reference – 7 central movements

How to Do Cable Squats?

The technique is quite easy to understand even by beginners:

  1. Look for the cable squat machine in your gym or you can arrange it at home. 
  2. The cable is connected with either thick ropes or a metal rod to grip it.
  3. You need to hold it tight in both hands while pushing back the cable. 
  4. You will feel a little stretch in your arms because of the position you hold to do the cable machine squat bar.
  5. Now, you need to do sit-ups in reps, make sure you don’t exceed reps more than 30 per set initially. 
  6. Later, you can increase reps to get better results and to strengthen your core. 

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When is the right time to do it?

It is a very common question asked for every type of exercise or workout routine. Well! You can start doing cable squats with rope as you feel like working on your physical health or building your core strength. 

You can set days, and routines to practice for better results. 

This is the best practice for those who are worried about their bulgy tummies, backache problems, heavy bottoms, and cervical issues.  

Who is supposed to practice Cable Squats?

Although, it can be practiced by any individual who wants to work on his or her cores. But as we have already discussed, it is very useful and easy to adopt for beginners. 

Cable machine squat bars are also worked out by professional bodybuilders, and those who have gained muscular strength already.

It is also good for aged adults as this mild core exercise can keep their joints active, and they will keep fit forever. 

Benefits of Cable Squats 

  • Cable squats are easy to practice and add-on to routine exercises. 
  • It takes little time to work on the core joints of the human body. 
  • Cable squats with rope make it more comfortable for amateurs, and beginners. 
  • It is very effective on the core points in the body, especially mid-hip points, thighs, and lower abdominal areas. 
  • There are lesser chances to get injured while practicing cable squats. 
  • It doesn’t only work on the lower body but it also stresses the biceps, forearms, and shoulder. 
  • You don’t need to take help from others as you can do it on your own. 
  • By increasing the reps & sets you can get much better results in the core areas. 
  • This is a good exercise for weight loss, to cut off the excessive bulge from the tummy area, and to tone the thighs. 
  • This exercise is good to shape up the hip to look attractive. 
  • Once you conquer the professional level in cable squats, you can shift to free-weight squats without a rope for more strength.  

30 days challenge of Cable Squats 

Though many people aren’t aware of the cable squats even today, there is this challenge for 30 days that demands better-shaped thighs & butts by doing certain numbers of cable squats for a month. 

You just need to start with 30 cable squats on the first day, and then you need to increase the reps every day to gain the set goal for this challenge. The challenge is famous worldwide now.

Cable Squats vs. Free Weight Squats

  1. Cable squats are very helpful for beginners, but free weight squats are for regular workout individuals. 
  2. It is very easy to practice by one & all, free weight squats are a bit difficult to do. 
  3. Cable squats with rope or bar have a very mild impact on the cores, whereas, free-weight squats pressurize the core areas. 
  4. Because of the rope or bar support, there are fewer chances of any damage or injury. Free weight squats can result in muscle pull, joint pain, and stress on muscles.
  5. There is no need for any additional human help to practice the cable squats but in free weight squats sometimes one needs additional human help to balance accurately. 
  6. Free weight squats can be performed anywhere with less space available. But cable or bar squats need a machine setup.

Free Weight Squats


Any sort of exercise or physical workout helps us, humans, to keep ourselves fit & healthy. Cable squats with rope or bar have great scope today, and tomorrow. It has a beneficial impact on the human body as it works on core areas. 

We can easily reduce weight from all the body parts except the lower abdomen, and thigh area. But with the help of cable squats, one can tone these areas effectively. The best part is, there are negligible chances of getting injured while doing exercise. 

As time passes by, our lifestyle is changing, and so are our eating habits. We do not have enough time for physical workouts, even though we are least bothered about maintaining the right physical fitness. But this particular exercise will not only help us to keep fit easily but it will also motivate us every time we do the workout.

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