How to Get From Zurich Airport to Davos

When you’re planning to attend a meeting or an event in the Swiss Alps, you’ll need to arrange transportation from your Zurich airport to Davos. But it isn’t always straightforward to order a taxi – not least because of complicated arrangements and new schedules that are being introduced all the time. In this blog post, we want to help you make choosing a car transfer service plan easier!

Zürich Airport to Davos overview

There are many ways to get from Zurich Airport to Davos, but the most straightforward is by taxi. If you’re staying in Davos for more than a day, you might prefer to take a shuttle service. Alternatively, there are several trains that link the airport with Davos each day. 

Taxi from Zurich Airport to Davos

The best way to get from Zurich Airport to Davos is by taking a taxi. The cost for a taxi from the airport to Davos is typically between 180 and 250 Swiss francs, depending on the time of day and traffic conditions. You can also take the train, which takes about two hours.

Airport Transfer from Zurich

If you’re flying into Zurich Airport, there is an excellent public transport system that can take you to the city centre in just over 25 minutes. From there, you can easily get a taxi or a rental car to take you to Davos.  

To use the public transport system, you need to first purchase a ticket from the machine at the airport. The ticket costs CHF9.00 for an all-day pass or CHF28.00 for a single ride. You can also buy individual tickets onboard the bus or tram, but these tend to be more expensive. 

If you’re travelling on weekends or holiday days, be sure to buy your ticket ahead of time online at or at one of the airport’s sales outlets. The machines at the airport will not accept credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash on hand before heading to the terminal. 

Once you’ve purchased your ticket, head to one of the transportation terminals and wait for your bus or tram. The terminals are close together, so it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to get there. 

The buses and trams run every five minutes throughout the day

Wef Davos Car Service

If you’re looking for a comfortable, reliable ride from Zurich Airport to Davos, we recommend Wef Davos Car Service. They offer a wide range of vehicles and impeccable service, both in terms of speed and reliability. Plus, their prices are very reasonable.


Getting from Zurich Airport to Davos can be a bit of a hassle, but not with our guide! We have put together everything you need to know about this journey so that you can make the most of your time in Davos. From renting a car to finding accommodation, we have it all covered. So whether you are flying into Switzerland for the first time or returning after spending a winter skiing in the Swiss Alps, our guide will help make your trip as smooth as possible.

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