5 Internet Marketing Ideas That Realtors Can Think Of In 2020

Do you want to know internet marketing ideas that realtors can think of in 2020? Realtors or real estate marketers often face a struggle in marketing their business online. Unlike other marketing experts, they find it hard to promote their business and grab the attention of the targeted audience.

Do you face the same dilemma?

People who are completely new to this or have recently started browsing the query “what is digital marketing” face real struggle. This article is particularly for them.

Reading this piece of content, you can come to a conclusion regarding how to perform online marketing, what should be the best marketing strategies, and which real estate internet marketing services need to be hired.

Let’s not waste more time. Give this a read and have a great takeaway.

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5 Internet marketing ideas realtors can use

  1. Use paid promotion on Instagram: Nowadays, Instagram is on-trend. Besides Facebook, people are now using this particular channel to go social and get connected with others. Well, the demand for Instagram has risen because of its advanced features. One such fine feature is paid promotion or paid advertising.
    Instagram allows marketers or advertisers to advertise their products or services on a serious note. The best thing is with this tool you can easily get connected with your buyers, sellers, promote your listings and grow your brand online. And paid promotions are one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so.
    Add beautiful images of the property you want to sell or rent, add engaging content to it along with real estate hashtags, and display the ad on the timeline. Any potential buyer interested in buying and selling properties will automatically come across the ad. The ads are usually made in the image, video, and carousel format. Usually, they are displayed in the stories and feed section. Use proper hashtags to make the ad more visible.
  2. Go live on Facebook or Instagram: Facebook and Instagram are now mostly used to capture live events. Why don’t you take the leverage to come live and get connected with your followers directly?

    Going live means you are actually interacting with your audience. Doing this you can come across the customer’s behavior, understand what they need, their demands, their interests, and accordingly think about introducing some client-friendly services and products.
    Without interacting with the audience, it is hard to gain insight into the clients. Both platforms have this feature which you can use to your advantage. Just turn the live button on and talk about your brand, services, products, upcoming property deals, and many more. Make sure you respond to almost every comment made by your clients.

  3. Use drone photography: No real estate business is complete without sharing images. If you are promoting a property and want your client to say yes to it, your first step should be to use high-quality images that reflect the property in detail.
    We would suggest you use drone photography for a better view. Panorama and 360-degree view are some amazing image capturing styles that you have used to date. But with the rise in drone technology, you should also optimize your images and add more excitement to your listings.
    Guess what, you can even use drone technology to capture videos. Probably, this would be a unique way to shoot a virtual tour. Look for a professional photographer to capture the moments and snaps for you.
  4. Run Referral programs: Buyers or prospective clients often look for offers, discounts, and other loopholes to make a purchase decision, especially when it is related to a property deal. In this case, running a referral program on social media can give them a great motive to reach you. What say?

    Use Facebook or other social media networking channels and launch a referral program. You can even use your email to ask for a referral request. In this, both the existing and new customers get an offer or discount for their next purchase. A referral program often works the best.

  5. Go for email marketing: We guess, Email marketing is nothing new to you. But still, we want this to include your real estate marketing plans. No matter how unconventional it is, it has the potential to generate more leads, build a good customer-business relationship, and keep the buyers engaged with the brand.

    Use powerful email templates with come exciting CTAs that can excite the customers for another action again. You can even choose a marketing tool like Mailchimp to send bulk mails or SMS. Your message can be promotional, transactional, greeting, or anything related to your brand. You can even ask your customer for feedback using this email marketing method.


From optimizing real estate content to running a paid promotion, realtors should deal with all necessary digital marketing techniques that can leverage the business. But of course, for all these, you need to have a proper website that defines your business and services.

Before finding a digital marketing service provider, find a good website developer who is efficient to create a real estate website, drawing prospective clients to the doorstep.

Build a website and start optimizing it from day one.

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