Is It Okay for Women to Ride Men’s Snowboards?

Many women think it is okay to ride a snowboard made for the opposite gender. While they can do so, they must also understand that snow can be treacherous if they fail to take proper precautions when playing ice sports. That is why they should be very cautious in exploring new things, as there are some solid reasons why women’s and men’s snowboards are built differently.

Snowboards are generally not unisex because women’s physical structures differ a lot from men’s bodies. And since most women are not as tall and heavy-set as men, women’s snowboards are made to differ from the men’s so that girls can easily ride them.

How Are Snowboards Made for Women Different from Men’s?

The three fundamental differences between a woman’s and a man’s board are:

  • Length: Boards for women are usually made shorter in size to match their smaller height.
  • Width: Women’s snowboards are generally not as wide as men’s boards because girls tend to have smaller feet.
  • Stiffness: In terms of material and structure, snowboards for men are made to be more rigid to suit their heavier build.

Therefore, it can be seen that the differences between men’s and women’s boards are primarily in terms of safety and enjoyment features.

Can Women Ride Men’s Snowboard?

Indeed, expert female snowboarders keen on snowboarding can use any board they can get their hands on. However, while buying them, they must always consider the general difference between a man’s and a woman’s physique.

A man’s snowboard can make a better choice in some cases, like if the user is tall or sturdy. She might find it hard to get a snowboard for women that matches the dimensions she needs. And since the size and weight of the board are crucial for controlling and maintaining balance, girls should buy boards that suit their body weight and height.

Can Women Use Men’s Bindings?

Bindings are a lot more interchangeable compared to boards, considering there is a greater leeway between sizes. Moreover, most brands make them in standard unisex colours, like grey or black. Nevertheless, it is essential to select the correct size binding as they are the connection to the board, and they are what keep the riders steady and upright. Also, the size can vary from one brand to another. For instance, a medium-size in one brand can differ from a medium-size in another. Therefore, it is essential to choose the bindings carefully to fit the boot and the board perfectly.

Are Snowboard Bindings Unisex?

Even though women can use men’s bindings at times and vice versa, it is still preferable to only use the products designated for them. This is because bindings on a standard men’s board measuring 154cm might include a space of about 256mm between them. However, in the case of a women’s snowboard of the same length, it can be up to 10mm less, which is a significant difference in snowboarding!

From all the things mentioned above, it can be concluded that girls can ride snowboards made for boys. However, they must consider their weight, height, and riding style before buying the right product that will suit them. Otherwise, buying women’s snowboards that will fit them perfectly is the ideal thing to do.

Like any other “extreme” sports, snowboarding or skiing also involves a lot of equipment. Therefore, it is worth investing time and money to buy safe and secure products.

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