Kratom And Energy Drinks: Is The Combination Healthy?

The popularity of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is increasing every day, and the reason is it can be taken along with different foods and beverages. Mixing kratom with foods and drinks enhances the overall experience of the users. It produces desirable health benefits for the body. It helps to reduce physical and mental discomfort, gives relaxation, enhancement of mood, etc. There are different kratom strains, and they all provide various supports based upon their alkaloids. One of the strains, called gold kratom, mixed with an energy drink, gives a mood uplifting experience.

You generally consume kratom alone, but kratom enthusiasts have discovered that mixing kratom and energy drinks gained attention in the kratom market. They can vary the combination based on their desire, need, and preferences. What is the use of this potent combination? Is it healthy? When you mix kratom with energy drinks multiplies the benefits. The energy drink has re-energy properties when combined with kratom, which helps to increase motivation. It seems to be a perfect combination of complementary characteristics that bring out each benefit when taken together.

Kratom and its Function

Kratom is a medicinal tree native to Southeast Asia, used by local people from the early period to remove stress, improve concentration, and support regular activities. The tree grows in a hot climate, mineral-enriched soil and the harvesting procedure depends upon the strain. The harvested leaves are then dried under sunlight or indoors. Dried leaves ground to a perfect fine powder and ready for sale. Their benefits are due to two alkaloids- mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids react with the opioid receptors in our body and promote wellness.

Around 2% alkaloid is present in the powdered kratom. It can be mixed with the liquid or used as a capsule to improve mental clarity, focus and concentration, and relaxation.

Energy Drinks and Their Function

It is a synthetic supplement that increases the energy level, improves focus, and removes physical discomfort. Several energy drinks for sale are available in the market, are sports drinks, tea, coffee, soda, water, etc. Taking energy drinks boosts a person’s sugar and caffeine. Caffeine is similar to that of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The energy drink has the same amount of caffeine present in a cup of coffee, about 80 mg. Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is responsible for getting sleep. Due to this blocking, adrenalin releases sugar into the blood circulation and increases energy level and alertness.

Kratom drinks

Reasons to Mix Kratom and Energy Drinks

For the following reasons, the kratom users mix it with the energy drinks:

  1. To hide the bitter taste of kratom.
  2. The energy drinks kick faster than kratom and give a quick result and long effects.
  3. It will give balanced effects. The caffeine content in the energy drinks produces excitement, and the kratom’s anxiolytic effects help overcome the agitation.
  4. Both kratom and energy drinks contain stimulant effects, increasing focus and energy levels. So, they can complement each other’s properties and further enhance the said effects.

Combination of Kratom and Energy Drinks

Now we will analyze whether combining energy drinks and kratom is safe for our health and its outcome.

Is it Safe?

While combining kratom and energy drinks, you should consider a few things for safety. When taken separately, it does not produce any side effects. When taken in a small dose, many studies confirm that this is safe. It will interact with other substances in the body or medicines. Energy drinks are safe on their own. But due to the presence of sugar content, it is not healthy.

Kratom and energy drinks are safe when consumed in a mild amount. The same effect is expected in the combination also. You have to take a moderate amount, monitor your intake, and analyze its impact on your body. It is safe for most people to use kratom and energy drinks together.

Potential Effects

Kratom perks wellness to its users and energy drinks to boost energy and focus, together bringing further benefits to those who use it by mixing them. The following are the potential effects of both the combination reported by its users:

  1. Provide a cognitive clarity
  2. Activates physical motivation
  3. Elevates alertness
  4. Relaxes the mind
  5. Manages the feelings of calmness and excitement
  6. Boosts the confidence

Combos of Kratom and Energy Drinks

Kratom is available in the market in different strains with different colors. They are white, green, and red color strains, and their color depends on the harvesting time and drying methods. Mitragyna users say that each kratom strain produces different results. You can enjoy kratom strain benefits by mixing it with different flavors of energy drinks.

White Vein and Energy Drinks

White vein boosts your mind and improves your outlook emotionally. If you are looking for mental motivation to complete your project within the deadline or need to finish your physical tasks, mix white vein with energy drinks. It is the best option to meet your expectations—white vein pairs well with citrus-flavored drinks.

Red Vein and Energy Drinks

Red vein offers the feeling of calm and helps to relax. It is effective when mixed with chocolate and coffee-flavored energy drinks. Red kratom carries a chocolate undertone, and it pairs well with fruit-flavored energy drinks such as strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

Green Vein and Energy Drinks

Green vein consumer reports that it elevates the feelings of well-being and makes you stay in a calm mind. It is perfect for combining with an energy drink. It helps you to avoid the addiction to caffeine and feel relaxed. It is a good combination when mixed with lemonade, pomegranate, blueberry, etc.

Each individual will have a different experience, and it is sure to experience their own based on the dosage, desired effects, and the user’s health. Not only does the color of the strain play an important part, but also the cultivation areas. For example, it is cultivated in Malay, Borneo, and Indo. It might have different influences and potencies in the other regions. Each strain will have different effects on you and your friends. So, if you decide to try a new mixing, start with a small dose and track on to your body experience.


Mixing popular kratom strains for pain and energy drinks is a popular option for people. From your own experience, find out the best combination. If you are fond of any kratom strain, select an energy drink that has a flavor complementary to it. If you have any favorite energy drink, pick a strain that helps your particular health issues. Always start with a low dose, and it is well known to consult with your medical professional before consuming. Enjoy the combination of kratom and energy drink and its benefits throughout the day.

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