Leave Your Dogs At Doggy Day Care While You Travel

Doggy day care is a great option for pet owners who work outside the house but still travel on vacation and cannot leave their dogs at home alone. Learn how, with our simple tips, you can send your pup to doggy daycare when you go on vacation:

What is Doggy Day Care?

Doggies go nuts when they’re not with their owners, so it’s important to leave them in good hands while you’re away. Doggy daycare is a great way for your pup to stay active and social without having to be left alone all day.

Pros of Doggy Day Care

There are a few pros to leaving your dogs with a daycare while you travel. 

The benefits of leaving your dog with someone else include the following: 

1) Your dog will get plenty of exercise and playtime – a day at daycare will give them more than they would at home on a typical weekday. 

2) Your dog will be socialized with other dogs and people – this can be a great way for them to learn about the wider world and make new friends. Your dog can also enjoy being enrolled in a dog training Huntsville class.

3) You can rest assured that your dog is being well-cared for – most reputable daycares have strict guidelines about how much activity each dog is allowed, as well as rules about food and water consumption. 

4) If you need to leave suddenly or your dog becomes ill at daycare, there is usually someone on hand to take them back immediately.

When to Leave your Dog at a Daycare for Vacation

Dogging it while you’re on vacation isn’t always a great idea, especially if your pup is left at daycare. Here are four times when leaving your dog at daycare is a bad idea: 

  1. If your dog has a history of aggression or nuisance behavior at other daycare facilities.
  2. If your dog is elderly or has any health issues that make them prone to fall or become difficult to manage when outside of your care.
  3. If there’s a possibility that your beloved pet will run away while you’re out – leave them behind in an environment where they’re well supervised and have plenty of toys and stimulation to keep them busy.
  4. If you’re traveling during peak vacation season – daycares tend to be fuller, and the staff may not have time to give your pup the individualized attention he needs.

Who Owns Your Dog During Vacations?

When you leave your dogs with a daycare, are you ensuring their safety or relinquishing ownership? There’s a lot of debate surrounding this subject, but typically when you leave your dog with someone else for an extended period of time (more than four hours), you are relinquishing ownership. In most states, this is considered abandonment and can result in severe consequences for the dog, including being put down. If you are unsure whether or not leaving your dog with a daycare is the right decision for them, consult with your veterinarian first.

Where Can You Find Doggy Day Care Near You?

If you’re feeling extra ambitious and want to leave your furry friend behind for a day or two, there are options near you. Here are five of the best places to leave Fido while you run off to explore: 

1) Doggy Daycare Academy: If you’re looking for a high-quality daycare that charges a bit more, Doggy Daycare Academy is definitely worth checking out. They have indoor and outdoor play areas, as well as several different types of playtime such as tricks, fetch, and bones. Plus, they have on-site veterinary care in case something comes up. Prices start at $24 per day.

2) Rover’s Playtime: If you’re in the mood for some big-time excitement, Rover’s Playtime is the perfect spot for your pup. They have a wide variety of activities such as hiking, swimming, and playing in mud puddles. Prices start at $30 per day.

3) Barking Up The Wrong Tree: If you’d rather not deal with a specific location or price range, Barking Up The Wrong Tree may be just what you’re looking for. They offer dog playing hours starting at 9am for a low fee


Leaving your dog behind while you venture off to explore a new city or country is often challenging, to put it mildly. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent dog-day care facilities that offer top-notch care for canines while their owners are away. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, checking out one of these facilities will allow you to enjoy your trip worry-free.

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