Is Lockdown in Countries Helpful to Fight Against Coronavirus?

Novel Coronavirus is having its deadly impact on more than 100 countries in the world and it has affected the global economy in the last three months. The COVID-19 virus has taken around 42,200 lives across the world and 8,62,000 people are affected by this virus that causes the respiratory syndrome.

As soon as the majorly affected countries like U.S., Italy, Spain, France, Germany, China, UK, India, and others came to know about alarming medical conditions pandemic situation was announced by every country. The U.S. became the first country to implement the lockdown condition in the whole country, thereafter, different counties proceeded the same action in their own countries. They believed that lockdown can help them to fight with Coronavirus and reduce its effectiveness.

The virus hit India in Feb 2020 in the last week. Everything was going in the usual manner till 23 March 2020 but after analyzing the current situation and speedy pace of the infection spreading in the whole country. Indian Prime Minister Narender Singh Modi responded to the coronavirus and he announced the coronavirus lockdown in India then he asked from the citizens of India to support the decision and stay back at home to prevent the disease to get shared further.

How it Worked Out in the World?

  • Lockdown is a situation that has quarantined almost one-third population on earth. People are asked to stay at their respective homes and avoid social gatherings.
  • Almost all the countries from different zones have announced the lockdown conditions in their countries on 24 Mar, and 25 Mar 2020.
  • All the schools, colleges, universities, govt. offices, shopping malls, cinema halls, and places of social gatherings have been closed.
  • Private organizations are asked to opt for work from home to avoid any circumstances and do support social distancing.
  • Employers are requested to pay the salaries to all the employees for the lockdown period.
  • All the countries are supporting their citizens to get the things of basic needs at their doorsteps.
  • Preventive measures are socialized through different social media and personal awareness announcements with the help of officials, social images, doctors and medical practitioners.

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India’s Fight Against Coronavirus

In this pandemic, the whole world is fighting against this deadly mass killing virus. There are around 35 private companies and institutions that are trying to develop the coronavirus vaccines. Using the available preliminary data, the median time from onset to clinical improvement is approximately 2 weeks for mild cases and 3-6 weeks for patients with severe or severe disease.

India has taken some quick and hard decisions to fight against COVID-19 and to restrict the impact of this virus as early as possible. The Indian P.M. Modi had announced “Janta Curfew” as the first initiative although it was not official, people from all over India supported this action taken by the leader and they stayed at home for a day. As a result, very few social interactions had happened on that particular day.

But, everyday reports of coronavirus positive cases and prospective suspects were increasing and that is why on 24 March 2020, Govt. of India declared 21 days of lockdown in the country with controlled directions to every citizen of India to stay back at home and avoid social interactions and group gatherings outside.

Preventive Actions Taken So Far

  • All the international flights were canceled and regular international passports were sealed.
  • All the foreign returns were sent to isolation and were quarantined on an immediate basis.
  • The environmental sanitization process executed immediately after the official govt. meeting.
  • State police and black commandos are given controlling orders to restrict the public outdoor activities for the next 21 days.
  • Required food and material have been supplied and will be continued throughout the period.
  • Many awareness camps are executed with the help of different channels of media and communication.

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