Can We Lose Weight at Home Naturally in 2020

Tips for losing weight at home!

  1. Integrate weights and dumbbells into your training for better control!
  2. Test steppers, ergometers, or cross-trainers for more variety!
  3. Be sure to work out a diet plan to lose weight or have one created!
  4. Use a calorie calculator app to measure your daily intake!

To get straight to the point: “The best weight loss program does not help if nutrition and metabolism do not fit!

That is why a healthy metabolism-promoting diet with a slight calorie deficit is the basis for losing weight at all.

If you implement the diet incorrectly or even follow incorrect information, the complete weight loss training at home is free.

Problems with improper nutrition:

  1. Jojo effect occurs
  2. Training performance declines rapidly

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to find the ideal balance between an effective weight loss training plan and a supportive diet plan.

How to Lose Weight at Home Naturally

Losing weight at home: Advantages and Disadvantages!

First of all, the financial savings from home training can be seen. After all, training with your own body weight has no cost at all. The money saved could be invested in a dumbbell set or a fitness course, for example.

At home, you can easily watch your favorite series or listen to your favorite music during weight loss training. In this way, the training can be designed at any time according to your own wishes and preferences.

Many people find it difficult, for example, to get up after a hard day’s work and start walking to the gym. Choosing a sports program at home is a lot easier.

Advantages of training at home:

  1. Waiting times in the gym are eliminated
  2. Train effectively with your own body weight or additional equipment
  3. No costs
  4. Time doesn’t matter

In addition, there is no need to pack a sports bag and there is no need to travel to the gym. Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of.

If you generally prefer to train in the gym, permanent training at home may not be so suitable for you. Of course, it could get boring. But if you establish a combination of different training methods and exercises, you will soon have a lot of fun losing weight with sport at home.

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If you train alone at home, there is also no trainer who can personally correct you in case exercises are performed incorrectly. This could of course increase the risk of injury in the long run. Therefore, everything should be done in advance to always carry out any type of home training correctly.

What are the options?

Basically, you have several options for achieving your training goal with weight loss training at home.

Overview of training options:

  1. With your own body weight
  2. Weights and dumbbell
  3. Training on cross trainers, ergometers, steppers etc.

With your own body weight, even more muscles, fascia and fat tissue are used in certain exercises than with training equipment. Sports science studies also show that bodyweight exercises not only strengthen the balance but also strengthen the underlying muscle groups.

Many proven exercises with your own bodyweight strengthen your back and abdominal muscles in particular, which not only improves your posture and body tension but can also prevent back pain in the long term.

Training with weight and barbell is aimed at advanced users.

As a beginner, you should forego the purchase right at the beginning and wait until the training is fun at all.

A big advantage of training with weights is the easy control of the training intensity. The weights can be reduced or increased in no time at all.

Weight loss training with an elliptical machine, ergometer, stepper, etc. is also helpful for more endurance and an effective reduction in body weight.

Before you buy such a costly device, you should, however, be tested and checked sufficiently.

How often do I have to exercise?

At first, you could develop extreme euphoria for losing weight with exercise at home. Nevertheless, it is much more important to stay on the ball in the long term and to complete your units constantly.

Therefore, as an advanced, dose your workout and do it in a disciplined manner.

As a newcomer, do a maximum of 2-3 pieces of training with 30-60 minutes of stress. Pay special attention to increased cardio units for a solid basic condition!

If you can call yourself an advanced, 3-4 pieces of training of 45-60 minutes each are possible. A mix of aerobic and anaerobic training is advantageous.

Better results with individual nutrition and exercise plans!

A wrong diet has numerous effects: lack of energy, bad mood, annoying hunger attacks and the dreaded yo-yo effect.

So that it doesn’t get that far, it is important to start with an individually adapted diet and training plan.

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