5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Fitness Videos More Watchable

Fitness videos may seem like they are easy to create. But even professional fitness instructors will admit that there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. It is possible to make your video look its best even if you don’t have extensive videography knowledge.  Read on for five simple tricks that you can use to improve your fitness videos.

Remove Background Distractions

One of the most common problems in home-recorded fitness videos is the background distractions. It may be simpler to set up in front of the couch or leave the kitchen cabinets in the background. But these types of distractions only serve as unnecessary clutter and should be avoided.

Avoid Filming at Night or in Dark Rooms

Another common mistake that home videographers make is to film fitness videos as the sun goes down or when it’s dark outside. Unless you happen to have a very expensive studio light, these types of videos never look good. Consider investing in some clip-on lights if you want to shoot your video on an overcast day. Or if you will need to shoot at night for part of it.

Make Sure Your Videos Are Shorter than Five Minutes

You might think that uploading lengthy workout videos with more exercise options would help people get into shape. But the truth is, no one wants to watch a five-minute video when you are only teaching one type of exercise. To make your videos look more appealing, make sure not to exceed five minutes in length that discusses precise information. With that, you will likely see a rise in viewership.

Use a Plain Background

If you are going to film your fitness videos at home, then it’s important that you use a plain background whenever possible, such as the plain white backdrop paper. The purpose of this type of background is not only to avoid any potential distractions. And it also helps keep production costs low since there won’t be anything else that needs editing out. When filming outside, find an open area with minimal people and objects surrounding you; stick to nature.

Don’t Forget to Edit!

Although this particular trick isn’t exactly a “trick,” it’s very important to take the time to edit your fitness videos before uploading them. What might seem like a flawless video will usually turn into a jumbled mess when fully uploaded. Make sure to remove all of the transition delays and other common posts from your videos before publishing them online. Don’t forget to add music to your video to make it more fun. Editing is also another good way to cut down on production costs since it can be done very quickly if you know what you are doing.

What equipment do you need to create a quality fitness video?

Before creating your own fitness video, it’s important to understand what you will need. Make sure whatever equipment you buy is of high enough quality that it can take some wear and tear. If something is too delicate or hard to set up, you’re not going to be able to use it often enough. Be sure to invest in what will save your time over what you can save in money.


An excellent camera can make a huge difference when recording your workouts. DSLRs are now becoming cheaper and more widely available. They have become a popular choice for those wishing to shoot their own videos. A lot of them come with handy accessories such as tripods. And these are helpful in creating a more professional-looking video without having to buy anything extra.


The kind of lighting equipment you will need depends entirely on where you plan to show off your videos. If at home or in a gym setting with low-light conditions such as dimmed lights, sports hall ceilings, etc., an external light source such as camera flashes may get the job done. But if you plan to upload your videos to YouTube or other video sharing sites, good lighting such as LED video light as well as a good camera will be essential. It’s all about providing a clear and crisp image for your audience so they can see everything as clearly as possible.

Camera Lenses

The right lens for the job is just as important as the camera body itself. Choose your lenses carefully. You may also try to rent or borrow one before buying it for yourself so that you can test them out at home beforehand. That way, if something isn’t quite right, you won’t have bought it and wasted money! DSLR cameras come with interchangeable lenses and each of these lenses has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some lenses are designed specifically for outdoor work or low-light conditions. While some are great all-rounders but don’t perform as well in poor lighting.

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If you’re filming yourself working out, then a tripod is an absolute must. If you’re filming yourself as well as your workout partner/s, another tripod is necessary since it’s difficult to hold the camera steady and move at the same time. You may not like the idea of carrying a tripod with you and setting it up every single time you want to film something. Or perhaps your local laws forbid heavy items such as tripods from being carried on public transport. There’s no need to worry about that because there are alternative options available.

The simplest option is to lean the camera against the wall or other solid object that won’t fall over. You can also buy special attachments that will allow you to fix your phone onto anything for recording purposes. This could also be useful depending on what kind of phone you have.


While not an essential, music can add a lot to your workout video. You may have the right song for the exercise or just some background music that adds a certain level of intensity and atmosphere. Music is something that can really affect how people feel about what they’re watching. Having uplifting tunes playing in the background could really help elevate your message and keep your viewers engaged.

Conclusion: Fitness videos may seem easy enough at first glance. But there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes in order for them to look their best while sticking on the budget. If you fail to employ these simple tricks, then your videos may suffer from a lack of viewership and engagement. Sso always remember them for future video projects.


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