8 Meditation Tips Help You Heal Your Soul And Mind

‘Meditation’ is a spiritual process in India in which the work of bringing the body, mind, and soul together takes place. This word, process, and concept are related to meditation in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. The word ‘Meditation’ has spread with Buddhism from India to Japan, China, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, and Tibet and people are familiar with it at this time.

With the alteration in time as well as changing circumstances, we all are going through severe stress and pressure. For some individuals, it’s due to work pressure and for some others, it’s due to family & life pressure, but at the bottom, it’s all anxiety and stress. The outburst of the Covid-19 situation has just added more to the suffering.

When we’re busy functioning, we frequently are likely to overlook our mental condition. For the highest time, we have specified supreme significance to bodily health over mental health. But what we fall short of understanding that both physical and mental health is equally significant.

Meditation practice is the solution to the stability of both our physical and mental health, as well as to heal soul and mind with a healing meditation. This plays a vital part in managing anxiety and stress. To recognize how mediation practice can help us to heal our soul and mind and also to stay calm while working.  Here is a full guide with tips to heal the soul and mind.

How Does Meditation Help To Heal Soul And Mind?

Meditation Help To Heal Soul And Mind

Defined as a way to attach with our inner self, soul, and mind meditation practice does wonder by healing soul and mind. The Cambridge dictionary describes it as “the procedure of paying attention to just a single thing, either as a religious conviction activity or as a method of becoming relaxed and calm,” or “serious thinking or learning, or the artifact of this action.” Meditation outlines can engage focusing, pondering, relaxing, or the phrase of these, as in the well-known Meditations.

There are numerous types of meditation, yet altogether shapes “… the motivation behind meditation, in basic terms, is to understand that we’re not the personality. It’s to encounter the condition of vast unity or cognizance” The enthusiastic advantages of meditation can incorporate decrease of negative musings and feelings, expanded mindfulness, stress the board, a condition of quiet and unwinding.


When starting any type of meditation practice, start with only 5-10 minutes – set a cooking clock or you can utilize a charming ringtone from your telephone. The special case: Guided meditations.

Science Behind Meditation to Heal Soul And Mind:

Science Behind Meditation

Meditation assists with expanding your center, decline pressure, and has even been appeared to give alleviation to people living with constant torment or sickness. In any event, rehearsing a couple of moments of meditation consistently has been appeared to lessen pressure.

So how does meditation change your mind with the goal that you feel a decrease in pressure? In 2011, Lazar and associates at Harvard tracked down that two months of care meditation generously affected changing the vital territories of the mind.

In the first place, they found that meditation expanded the cortical thickness in the hippocampus, which is answerable for your learning and memory – this implies an improvement in concentration or capacity to recall ideas.

They additionally found that synapse volume diminished in the Amygdala, the territory of your mind answerable for the propagation of tension, dread, and stress. Curiously, this adjustment in the Amygdala coordinated with the member’s self-reports of their pressure.

Thus, while meditation can truly change the mind, it can likewise change an individual’s abstract discernment and emotions about their pressure.

Top 8 Tips For Meditation That Helps To Heal Soul & Mind

8 Tips For Meditation

There are not many motivations to avoid the incredible movement of meditation. All things considered, research has tracked down that the training can give a wide cluster of medical advantages from forestalling age-related mind structure weakening, expanding memory limit, and directing your mind-set to ease back the maturing interaction, decreasing constant aggravation, and expanding invulnerability.

However, realizing that something is useful for you doesn’t generally convert into doing it. The gorge among information and application can now and then be too wide to even think about bouncing. Nonetheless, there are some basic advances you can take to help begin and keep a sound meditation practice.

Pick a Tranquil Spot For The Meditation Practice

Very much like an advantageous hour, pick a tranquil and quiet meditation practice place where you are able to enjoy nature and practice meditation peacefully. Such a spot can make meditation for a novice more charming and unwinding.

Choosing a quiet place for the meditation practice is one of the most important things to do. Because, if the place is crowded or has disturbing noises then you will never be able to pay attention to your meditation practice. So, be very careful while choosing the place for your practice.

Pick An Advantageous Time For Your Meditation Practice:

Meditation is basically unwinding, so it ought to be done altogether whenever the timing is ideal. Pick when you realize you are not prone to be upset and have the opportunity to unwind and appreciate. The long stretches of dawn and nightfall are likewise ideal for meditation.

These hours are when there is a peaceful quiet at home as well, which will assist you with pondering without any problem. So try to practice meditation earlier in the morning or in the evening just after the sunset. During this time the environment is quiet which makes the perfect time for meditation practice.

Sit In A Posture You Are Comfortable With:

Your sitting pose has a vital effect on your meditation practice. Be loose, sit serenely and effectively, and however much as could reasonably be expected to be consistent. Sit straight with the erect spine, keep the shoulders as well as neck loose, and also eyes shut all through the meditation practice.

Sitting comfortably is another vital thing because when you don’t sit comfortably how you can be able to pay attention to your meditation practice. We all know that concentration is the main key to achieve success in meditation practice. But when you don’t feel comfortable how you can focus on the practice. So, be careful with your posture as it matters a lot.


It is a lie that one needs to sit in a lotus position (padmasana) to meditate. You can sit as you want. That doesn’t affect your meditation practice at all.

Practice Meditation On An Empty Stomach

Be it in the office or at home, it’s prescribed to ponder a moderately empty stomach for meditation practice. The motivation to think before a feast is straightforward – you may nap off while ruminating after a dinner.

At the point when you are eager, the craving spasms may hold you back from thinking. Truth be told, your brain may even continue to consider food the entire time! It is prudent to reflect two hours after dinner.

However, practicing meditation on an empty stomach doesn’t recommend you to forcefully practice while you are hungry. There is a fine line between being hungry and being on an empty stomach. Practice the meditation on a relatively empty stomach.

When you try to meditate while being hungry, you will end up the whole process. Because it is impossible to concentrate on anything while we are hungry. So, practicing meditation while hungry is a big no-no.

Keep A Delicate Smile On Your Face Throughout The Meditation Practice:

This is unmissable and non-debatable! A delicate smile on your face keeps you loose, quiet and upgrades the meditation experience. In the process of keeping a smiling and happy face, you will think of only the good things in your life. In this way, you will be able to heal your mind and soul through meditation practice.

So, think positively while practicing meditation to make the practice more effective. Think positive, keep smiling and heal your mind and soul in the process.

Take A Couple Of Deep & Full Breaths

This is another significant hint for simple meditation to help your soul and mind heal properly. Full and profound breaths before the meditation and even Nadi Shodhan pranayama practice are consistently a great idea. It assists with steadying the cadence of the breath and leads the brain into a serene reflective state.

Start The Practice With A Couple Of Warm-Ups

A couple of warm-up practices or Sukshma yoga pose prior to beginning the meditation improves dissemination, eliminates latency and fretfulness, and causes the body to feel lighter. This is a significant advance in ‘how to ruminate’ as it will empower you to sit consistently for a more extended time.

Open Your Eyes Gradually and Delicately

As you approach the finish of the meditation, don’t be in a rush to open your eyes or move the body right away. Open your eyes bit by bit and set aside an effort to get mindful of yourself and your environmental factors. At that point gradually move your body and there, you are prepared for the afternoon!

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