Modular Kitchen FAQs – 10 Things You Wanted To Know

What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a modernistic approach to kitchens in which the kitchen furniture is already made. These are just fixed and assembled on site. The construction of them takes place at their factory outlets. They are made according to standard measurements or sizes. It is usually a combination of base units and wall units. One can design one’s own kitchen using this readymade kitchen furniture.

With this approach utility of the kitchen drastically increases. One can design any type of kitchen efficiently with this approach. The storage requirement, budget, space available, etc. all can be taken care of very well if you opt of getting a modular kitchen. For the best modular kitchen in Pune visit the Bella kitchens store.

Modular kitchens are of various types namely L-shaped, parallel kitchens, island kitchens, etc.

So, a thorough background check is necessary before one can jump on to a clear decision regarding getting a modular kitchen for their very house.

1. What are the advantages of a modular kitchen?

  • Kitchen Hygiene- These kitchens are all clutter-free. Separate cabinets and storage areas are made to organize one’s kitchenware. Even a dustbin is enclosed within a cabinet here. So, one can maintain complete hygienic in here.
  • Space Management – Every corner of your kitchen is very well utilized in these types of kitchens. No corner or space goes wasted here.
  • Space utilization – You can access every corner due to the presence of racks, baskets, holders, bins, and trays.
  • Cost-effective – Traditional kitchens require a lot of money compared to modular kitchens. In traditional kitchens, one has to hire workmen and carpenters. This hassle is not here as the kitchen furniture come ready-made here.
  • Easy repair – Each unit can be detached and removed here. Every part of it is detachable. So, one can easily get a particular area repaired. You will not have to go through the whole process of disturbing the entire kitchen area for dealing with a particular irregularity.

2. Is there any warranty/guarantee provided?

Most modular kitchens exporters and manufacturers offer a standard warranty for their products. This may vary depending on your manufacturer. Usually, manufacturers will give you a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects but, as with any other product, it is unlikely to cover natural wear and tear.

3. What type of material is used?

The external structure and shutters are made of MDF, ply-laminated with veneer membrane or acrylic, or wood. Countertops are usually made from granite, tiles, wood, or cement. One should try to go for waterproof countertops if possible.

Water-proof countertop

The best material for handles or knobs in the case of modular kitchens is stainless steel. This type of steel does not get corroded and has a long lifespan. These are really durable. But they are kind of on the expensive side. If you are unwilling to spend that much then you have other options in plastic, PVC, and glass for the same.

4. What is MDF and Marine PLY?

Medium-density fibreboard is a type of refined particleboard. It is made by joining small wood residuals with wax and a resin binder. It is then subjected to high temperature and pressure. It is easier to make furniture from the.

Marine ply is a type of plywood used for kitchens. It resists the growth of fungus and is thus ideal for being used in kitchens. It is resistant to humidity. But it costs more bucks.

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5. How is the kitchen designed?

A kitchen is designed keeping in mind a lot of factors. The working triangle, the space available, the budget, the types of materials used, etc. all determine the way a kitchen is designed.

6. What are the accessories you can use in a modular kitchen?

  • Base units –Most modular kitchens have 2 base units. One for the oven and another with drawers and shelf space. The second one is mainly used as a countertop. ]
  • Wall units – These are placed on the wall for hanging kitchenware.
  • Wall and floor tiles.
  • Worktop – This is where chopping and related stuff is done. So, make sure that this part of the kitchen is waterproof in nature.

7. Which Kitchen appliances you should choose?

  • Chimney
  • kitchen sink
  • dishwasher
  • Kitchen shelves and accessories- One can choose from a range of materials to make shelves. For example wood, glass, fiber, PVC, etc.
  • Baskets –One can choose from the cup and saucer basket, the utensils basket, the plate basket, the vegetable basket, the cup, and saucer basket and the cutlery basket
  • Partition baskets- These are kind of custom made and are mainly used for drying veggies and other stuff.
  • Pantry units – These are sturdy, large units that fit into larger cabinets.
  • Kitchen Holders- Round bin holders, napkin and foil holders, wine glass holders, and spoon holders come in this category.
  • Pull-out shelves – They ensure that the kitchen is not cluttered and provide managed storage.
  • Tall units- These are used mostly for storage.
  • Kitchen Carousels – These are usually placed in the.
  • Kitchen Racks – The simplest way to store your utensils and they come in various shapes and sizes.
  • How can one make changes to the designs or the units?

Modular kitchens give us the liberty to sort and design the given space according to our will.

Modular kitchens come with ready-made kitchen cabinets. These are easy to transport and repair. The wide variety of options in different materials gives us room to choose from a whole line of stuff.

Different layout plans are available for modular kitchens. One can choose a particular layout according to the space available to them.

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8. What grade of stainless steel is used in the accessories?

Premium grade stainless steel is used as accessories in a modular kitchen. These are strong, durable, damage-free, do no rust, or fade.

Stainless steel recipe book holder

The thickness of the steel rods varies from 5 mm to 7mm. This depends on the size and design used by a person.

9. Can modular kitchens be fitted into a fixed platform?

Modular kitchen design can easily be adapted to suit one’s very home. They come with ready-made cabinets. Thus one can easily design one’s fixed platform or any other type of kitchen with it. This type of kitchen styling is really flexible. The platform can be accessories. One can add material of one’s own liking to give it a finished look. Then adding cabinets that go in sync with the platform can easily be done here.

10. Can modular kitchens sustain water damage?

One should always go for a water-resistant worktop. Even a counter space should be made of anti-moisture materials. These are indeed expensive. But they prove to be useful in the long run.

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