How Does Natural Papaya Soap Act As A Skin Cleanser

Being a beauty blogger it is my job to try on various skincare and cosmetics products and give my honest opinion about them. I am naturally blessed with good skin, but even so, after using thousands of chemical products on my skin regularly it was taking some serious toll.

I wanted to find a mild and natural product that neutralizes the hazards of chemical cosmetics. I tried out a number of DIY products but they require a lot of effort and time.

Papaya has always been a go-to item to make DIY skincare recipes for me. Then I found out about the papaya soap by Hada Secrets which drew my attention owing to the ingredient list. It is a natural product free of chemicals and preservatives or colors. Moreover, it is paraben and sulfate-free.

I must admit, I was apprehensive but curious to try out a new brand. But I wanted to create more content about skincare products that are more natural ingredient-based. Here’s my take on the Hada Secrets Papaya Soap.

Hada Secret Japan Cuban Papaya Soap – A Detailed Review

I bought the Hada Secrets Cuban Papaya soap from Nykaa, while was trying to search for a more natural ingredient-based soap. I got instantly hooked on Hada Secret after checking out their ingredients list, most of the ingredients are plant-based and have no harsh chemicals are used in the formula.

Cuban Papaya Soap bar

It is perfect for regular use and suits any skin type, moreover, this soap also contains therapeutic qualities and treats certain skin conditions like Acne.

The best thing about this brand is its transparency about its products. Hada secrets never claim to use 100 percent natural ingredients. They use a unique formula for blending the best natural ingredients with complimenting actives to get the best result.

To get better clarity of the product I visited the official website of Hada secret and the experience is more insightful. There are great details about every ingredient with the benefits they provide for your skin.

I have listed all the different ingredients used by Hada secrets with details in this article for you to check out.

Papaya Extract

The primary ingredient used in the Cuban Papaya soap is of course papaya extract. Prepared from the flesh and skin of the best Cuban papaya it works as a gentle exfoliator. The papaya enzyme works on the dead skin cells and exfoliates them also helps in detoxifying our skin. It also helps in removing sun tan and helps in reducing spots from acne.

Shea Butter 

Another star ingredient in the soap is the unrefined African Shea Butter. A natural plant-based moisturizer extracted from handpicked nuts of the shea tree. It has multiple benefits on our skin providing antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the four moisturizing oil presents in the soap. It acts as a shield on our skin and protects against harmful microorganisms. Coconut oils also provide hydration and help in removing dead skin cells.

Sweet Almond Oil

Filled with vitamin E & A this oil provide several benefits for our skin. Gets easily absorbed in our skin and balances any excess oil. One of the greatest quality almond oil posses is helping in reversing sun damage, the vitamin E in the oil acts as a shield and decreases skin damage Caused by UV rays.

Other than that it also helps in treating dry skin, reducing acne and improving skin tone.

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Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil can also be tagged as a therapeutic oil because of its quality to treat multiple skin problems. It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic anti-inflammatory properties, other than that it is also great to treat acne problems. Using tea tree oil on dry skin regularly reduces itchiness from your skin and also it is great to treat Eczema.

Eucalyptus Oil 

This oil is being used for skincare for ages, its natural cooling effect on the skin makes it a great choice to treat sunburns. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property also acts as a shield against any infection.

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E keeps your skin protected from skin damaged from UV rays and acts as a shield against any skin problems.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is a gel extracted from the leaf of aloe vera plants. Filled with the goodness of vitamins minerals and antioxidants it offers multiple benefits for our skin like treating acne, scars, sunburns and dry skin.


Glycerine is a natural plant-based moisturizer, its main work is to maintain oil balance in our skin and reducing dead cells. Also, it provides hydration to our skin and keeps it refreshed all day long.


It is a mild conditioning substance and is used as a thickening agent for cosmetic products. It also helps in retaining moisture in our skin. Papaya is a nutritious fruit that not only provides great food value but also a great ingredient for beauty and cosmetic purposes.

But instead of going to messy DIY, if you find a product with papaya extract it can work equally well.  Papaya soap is a great choice to incorporate the benefits of the fruit in your skincare in a hygienic manner.  The Hada Secrets Papaya soap is one such product that can give you significant results, making it a reliable choice.

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