Top 10 Protein Rich Food to Build Muscle

Are you finding protein rich food to build muscle? Each one of us needs to keep ourselves physically fit and strengthened. A fit body functions better than the average person. Your physical fitness has a great impact on your mental strength too.

Most of us dream to have a muscular body and that is why we workout in the gym and at home. But it takes little more time to build muscles.

In this article, you will learn about protein rich food to build muscles. Although, many foods are having a good amount of protein. But we will discuss only those foods that are easily available to all of us and you can have them regularly.

10 Protein Rich Food to Build Muscle

Green Peas

There are very few veggies that are having protein but green peas are rich in protein. It is the most common vegetable available in the market. You can consume green peas regularly in your daily food to gain muscles.


Milk is considered one of the most important ingredients in the food diet chart for gym practitioners. It is even recommended by the doctors and gym instructors to have at least 1 glass of milk every day. It is rich in protein and fat.


You must in-take eggs in your daily diet to add protein in your body and to gain desired muscles. Eggs are the most effective food to have during gym workouts. You can consume them raw with the milk or you can have boiled eggs. It is also rich in calcium that provides strength to your bones.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is very famous among fitness freaks these days as it contains an appropriate quantity of protein for your workout. A standard cup of Greek yogurt has twice the quantity of protein than in the normal yogurt.


Tofu is a great substitute for non-veg and it is purely made of soy protein. And it is very healthy and beneficial for each one of us. If you want to gain muscles then you must have tofu frequently in your daily diet.

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Protein Smoothies

The smoothies made of fruits are advised by the doctors more often to everyone. It has different types of vitamins and minerals. And to get the protein out of it regularly you can add a little amount of protein shake in it. The blend of these two properties will provide you enough strength to gain muscles.

Salmon Fish

Small or common salmon fish is a great source of protein. Those who are non-vegetarian can consume it regularly to add a sufficient amount of protein in the body. You can also have tuna fish as a food because it is also very rich in protein.


The chicken in any form provides a decent amount of protein to your body. You can have it roasted, fried, or soupy. It is a great source of fat and protein altogether. You must consider the hygiene factor while having chicken.

Peanut Butter

You can have peanut butter on a regular basis as it doesn’t have any side effects on your body though, it is rich in protein. You can try it out with brown bread, on chapatis, and even you can have it on your monthly cheat meal.

Dry Nuts

You must eat a good number of dry nuts every week to add iron and protein in your body. You can mix different types of nuts as if; peanuts, cashews, nuts, and walnuts. Dry nuts are very helpful to gain mental health and IQ levels as well.

Add these protein rich foods to your diet to gain muscle. Most of the foods can help you gain lean muscle. Many of them are full of protein and allow your muscles to recover and grow once they are activated.

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