Role of A Dental Lab In Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental technology is integral to success in dentistry. Usually, cosmetic dentistry is the outcome of accurate and synchronized teamwork between a cosmetic dentist and technicians of a dental lab. Most patients are unaware of the role Keating dental lab plays in the restoration of their smiles. 

The modern-day dental lab is more than just a restoration factory. Dental labs are instrumental to a progressive and patient-friendly dental practice. Moreover, technicians in dental labs can customize and manufacture a wide variety of products like crowns, bridges, etc. 

Also, prosthodontists prefer to collaborate with dental labs to ensure that the patients receive the best fitting. With a dental lab, prosthodontists can create customized solutions for their patients. In dentistry, dentists and labs are like two halves of the same apple. 

If you are looking for high-quality natural-looking cosmetic dentistry, the dental lab should be well-equipped. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the role played by dental labs in cosmetic dentistry.  

Comprehending the Role of Dental Lab in Cosmetic Dentistry 

Undoubtedly, dentists nowadays have to deal with various things. Furthermore, a vast majority of dentists are self-employed. They either own their dental practice or work in collaboration with others. 

This implies that they not only operate their business but also provide exceptional dental care to the patients. A vast majority of dentists offer more dental services nowadays, like cosmetic dentistry. 

The primary role of a modern dental lab is to collaborate with the dentists to assist them in providing devices for their patients. Dental labs comprise specialists and technicians who offer the best craftsmanship. 

Moreover, they ensure that devices like crowns and bridges are ideal for the patients. Any good dental lab always strives to use the latest dental technology and materials to craft the restorations. 

Since cosmetic dentistry is mainly about appearance, dental labs create durable and aesthetically-pleasing devices for patients. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the main duties of a dental lab are as follows:

  • Developing partial and removable dentures for patients who are missing one or just a few of their teeth 
  • Functional and aesthetically enhancing veneers 
  • Creating full dentures for patients missing all their teeth 
  • Manufacturing fixed bridges for patients who are missing one or more teeth 
  • Creating splints that can straighten and secure teeth    

Furthermore, dental labs work with a large variety of materials. These usually include waxes, plastics, varieties of alloys, polymers, etc. Dental technicians are well-adept in using sophisticated equipment and instruments to manufacture cosmetic dentistry products. 

It is always a priority of the dental lab to create functional and attractive cosmetic dentistry products. A majority of labs are offering implants too to the patients. It is important to note here that the dentist submits your records to the lab apart from the prescription.   


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The Traits of a Successful Dental Lab

Typically, people think that all dental labs are the same. However, dental labs are just as different as dentistry can be! 

For instance, cosmetic dentistry is entirely different from other forms of dentistry. Nowadays, a majority of dentists use more than one dental lab. Here are some factors which the dentist looks for in the best dental labs

Turnaround Speed 

The turnaround speed of a dental lab always affects the credibility of a dentist directly. How long it takes to craft restoration and return it to the dentist tells a lot about the lab. 

Furthermore, the popular dental labs have lengthy waiting lists with slow turnaround times. For advanced treatment procedures, waiting may be worthwhile. However, for common treatments, dentists always expect a faster turnaround time. 

Types of Materials used 

Each lab uses a variety of materials to design dental restorations. The right dental lab should always use durable materials to develop dental restorations. 

Cost is an Integral Component 

Dentists always look for those types of dental labs that charge a fair fee for high-quality restoration. In most cases, dental labs provide affordably priced restorations. Moreover, the restorations should be long-lasting so that there is no scope for complaints from the patients.  

So, as you can see, dental labs are an integral component of modern-day cosmetic dentistry. These labs work behind the scenes to perfect your smile.  

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