Scented Candles: A Simple Decor Material To Create a Better Ambience!

Do you want to detox yourself with meditation after a bad day at the office? Do you want to make your house more romantic to meet your girlfriend after a long-distance relationship? Then, you need to know about the many best-scented candles in Australia that could come to your rescue. Candles emitting fragrances with light are called scented candles.

A good-smelling candle in a beautiful candle holder can make your house quite impressive to anyone and give you a divine feel. A scented candle can take you to another place; for example, the smell of new books reminds you about the library. They also add a lot of value to your decor. They complete any celebration at your dwelling and provide you with a feeling of comfort.

In Australia, about 1 million people face challenges with depression issues. A simple scented candle with some good meditation can bring all your tension and depression down with its soothing effects. These candles come in various fragrances. They include the smell of fruits, like citrus, apple, strawberry, etc. They are also available in various wood flavors like sandal, pine, cedarwood and many more.

There are also floral and exotic flavors like jasmine, rose, lavender and vanilla, coffee, clove, etc. There are numerous other popular flavors too. Each flavor gets you indulged in it and relieves all your stress.

Things to know before investing in scented candles

  1. Different fragrances for different dwelling areas?

Amidst the pandemic, the candle industry had seen a rise in Australia. Researchers state that candle sales in Australia had increased by 105 per cent during the COVID time. There are many options to buy the best-scented candles in Australia. Still, there is always a question on whether you need different scents for various parts of your house. The answer is yes.

Each room has a purpose, and hence you need different scented candles to create that particular vibe in each room. You can have jasmine or sandal candles in your prayer or meditation room. You can have rose candles in your bedroom for a romantic and peaceful sleep. Also, you can go for lemongrass or citrus in your living area to create a positive and fresh feel. Again all these preferences can change from person to person.

  1. Types of candles

Similar to fragrances, there are also many types of candles. There are pillar-type candles that burn for long durations, and light tea candles are small and used when you want to decorate a room with many candles. The jar candles look premium, and you can use them even on your expensive furniture and don’t have to worry about the melting wax.

Also, manufacturers make candles from different materials. Paraffin wax candles are the commonly used type of candles. If you are an environmentalist, go for soy wax candles. There are also other candles from beeswax, palm oil, and bayberry.

  1. The smell or the appearance

When you are about to invest in scented candles, choose a candle that would suit your house decor. It does not mean you do not have to give importance to its fragrance. You can Choose good-looking and smelling candles as they can significantly impact your house decor and ambiance. If you are a person who wants a candle only for decor purposes, then go with its looks.

  1. Number of candles

The question of how many candles to buy depends on the size of the room. You must have enough candles for a larger area to experience its fragrance.

If your area is small, for example, a small-sized bathroom, then one scented candle must do the job.

You can even customize and use different scented candles for a single room and enjoy the mixed results.

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