6 Skills That Make a Man More Attractive

You know that when it comes to being an attractive man it’s not all about the clothes and hair, you also need the skills to back it up. You have to show others that you’re the type of guy who can do it all you can do anything and everything because you are talented and skillful. 

If you’re not there yet then today’s blog is about becoming that guy learning new skills and hobbies that will make you look awesome that will make you be that cool talented attractive dude. 

6 Skills That Every Man Should Have

Start to Play an Instrument

The number one skill that you should start working on right now is playing an instrument. There is nothing that melts more hearts than playing an instrument I like to play the guitar myself. But I am actually interested in learning how to play the piano

I just think it sounds so nice so soothing and there’s like literally when you walk into someone’s house and they have a piano you’re instantly like oh there’s somebody here that plays the piano, this person is so cool.

Immediately you get that feeling so when a girl sees that you have a piano when a girl sees that you can play an instrument she will think that you’re attractive immediately you’re gonna go from a 5 to 7 or an 8. 

Not only that but you’re also gonna learn a new skill: play for friends at parties for your family during the holidays you’re gonna bond with new people that share that hobby it is a great hobby and an amazing skill to have guys it’s 2020.

Man Playing Guitar

Taking a Good Photo

Unfortunately maybe because it’s a weird year, but that also means that everyone has one of these in their pockets a camera. You need to know how to take a good photo this is such a useful skill for you.

Alright you can be anywhere you can be at a party, you can be at a bar, it can be at school and if there’s a girl or someone you’re interested in and she’s trying to take a photo you can help her out and really elevate that photo.

If you can show her that you’re a great photographer, trust me she’s gonna want to keep you around, learn about angles, learn about posing teachers, and how to shoot photos.

I’m telling you it is such an attractive amazing skill to have not only for other people, so you can take their photos but also for yourself if you can take amazing photos of yourself and other people then, that means you can also post great photos on your social media. 

Social media is the number one thing the first thing that people do when they meet you right. If a girl meets you she’s gonna check out your social media, she’s gonna stalk you a little bit and you want to have great photos. So knowing how to take a good photo is a great skill to have.

Man Taking Photo for Mobile

How to make a great drink

Look, even if you don’t drink, knowing how to make them is just so important that somebody comes over you’re hosting people whether it’s your friends or family or your girlfriend they want to drink. If you know how to make an amazing drink it’s just there’s something about being able to make it instead of just going to a bar and ordering it.

It’s so different it’s a cool skill, it’s an awesome feeling seeing someone enjoy something that you made like a fresh cocktail. If you don’t know how to make drinks yet how about this start with one of your favorite drinks whether it’s a gimlet or a Manhattan or whatever it is that starts with that one.

Become a pro at it and then if it’s a margarita make hey guys my specialty is a margarita do you want to try it and I’m sure people would love to try that.

Remembering Names

The skill that you’re going to use for the rest of your life remembering names I know sounds like it’s not a huge skill but trust me it’s a lot instead of being like hey dude, hey bro. Call them by their names this is an easy way to make others feel loved and important because they will notice. They were being impressed and happy that you remembered their name. 

I don’t know about you guys but I would forget people’s names immediately after I met them. I would literally say hey my name is this they would say their names and I’m like wait what was that person’s name again I can’t believe I just did that it’s so embarrassing. 

The best way to remember is to say their names back to them a few times and notice the difference instantly of how they’re gonna treat you. They’re gonna immediately think wow this guy is actually cool this guy remembers my name, he’s not just somebody who’s just saying hi and then moving away.

Girls who of course immediately think that you’re more charming than other guys if you want to be successful if you want to live a good life you have to learn those communication skills and if you want to be the best you have to invest in yourself.

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Driving Safely

This skill is something that I actually didn’t agree with for the longest time when I was in like my late teens, driving safely you think that when you get your car you’re like I’m just gonna ride low I’m gonna go fast I’m gonna make really crazy turns, no one wants that, no one wants to be doing this in the car. 

Alright, girls want to be comfortable girls don’t want to be holding on to the bar just be like am I gonna be okay is this guy gonna kill me today no, they want to be comfortable. They want to be driving safely is way more important than being cool and driving fast.

Girls want to feel safe around a guy that makes them attracted to that guy so if you’re driving like a maniac it is not a good sign. 

So, if you drive safely, she will like you way more than the guy who was driving like a maniac but if you do run into issues then you have to know how to change a tire this will come in handy guys. I’ve had that issue a few times, late last year I think that was the last time that happened to me and it sucked. 

Safe Driving

Learn a Different Language

The next skill is learning a second or third language knowing a different language is attractive. It’s sexy we know that people like that, girls like that, guys like that when girls have a second language or even sometimes an accent it’s sexy.

if you can learn a second language even if it’s just a little bit of Spanish when you go to Mexico when I go to Spain and you can kind of just throw it in there it is so attractive it’s a skill that every man should have whether it’s Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese. 

It doesn’t matter to start learning now and the best thing is you can learn online for free. You can find out so many classes for free so get started now, guys.


There you have it. The skills every man should know. Master these and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better man.

And simultaneously increasing your attractiveness to the fairer gender.

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