Some Tips To Help You Improve Upon Your Tennis Game

Tennis has always been a very popular game over the years and during the summer months and the warm days, people get out their tennis rackets and balls and head over to the tennis courts. Many people play the game just as a past time and others take it quite seriously indeed.

If you are one of the people who take their tennis game more seriously than they should and you have grown tired of losing to the same person time after time, then maybe it’s time that you looked at your overall game and tried to improve certain aspects of it.

It may be that the obvious is staring you in the face and you’re hitting the ball completely wrong and this has led to your professional, pain-free tennis elbow treatment, so you need to start looking into your backhand and your serve as well. Maybe you’re not practising enough every single week and you can’t expect to get better if you’re only playing once or twice every fortnight.

Any trainer will tell you that the more you practice, the better that you will get and you should see a marked improvement in your tennis game. There are a number of things that should already be in place in order to improve your tennis game and the following are some of them.

  • You need a plan – Just going out and playing blindly every single day is not the way to improve upon your overall game because you need to have a plan in order to be able to execute it. If you are weak in a certain part of your game then this is what you need to be practising on more. It may be more boring and repetitive than playing a standard game of tennis, but this is a part of your game that you need to improve upon if you want to get better.
  • It’s all about footwork – How you move on the court will dictate whether or not your game will improve and whether you provide sports entertainment. Many people wrongfully think that their stroke is to blame when it’s likely that they are not in the right position to hit the ball. It makes sense then that if you are in the proper place at the right time then your game will improve. Incorporate some footwork drills into your daily practice routines and this should get you to the ball more quickly.
  • Pick a harder opponent – It’s nice to be able to get someone when you’re playing tennis, but if you keep playing the same person every single time then there is no way that your game will improve. You need to up your game and start choosing harder opponents that can give you a more difficult time. The harder that you have to work on the court, the faster that you will think and you will make better decisions as a direct result.
  • Start playing in tournaments – You have been putting off entering any kind of competition and maybe now is the time that you start signing your name on the dotted line and figuring out if you are a good tennis player or not. If you don’t challenge yourself then there is little chance of success. You need to find out if your game plan can stand up to the pressures of playing in a tennis tournament even when enjoying your yearly vacation and it will give you a better idea of what you need to improve upon for your next game.

You should always be looking for your opponent’s weaknesses in every single game and you should be trying to figure out how you can exploit them.

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