10 Latest Summer Fashion Trends & Styling Tips for Women

It’s the time of the year when we love attending poolside parties, going to the beach, and visiting amusement parks; it’s summer. Women are more excited for this season as they get to wear their favorite clothes during it – skirts, maxis, and jumpsuits. They are so excited that they start prepping for it months before it arrives. From toning their bodies to taking care of their skin, they do everything they can to look their best in summer. It’s like summer is some sort of an awards ceremony. Well, it is what it is!

However, no matter how toned their bodies are or how glowing their skin is, an unbalanced outfit – where the top and bottom are mismatched, colors are ill-coordinated or too bright, or accessories are superfluous – can ruin your entire look. Say you’re wearing the trendiest floral maxi from a top brand, but if the footwear doesn’t complement it, you have an unbalanced look. There’s nothing wrong with following a fashion trend, but you also need to understand your body type and know what suits it and what doesn’t.

10 Fashion Trends and Style Tips to Follow this Summer

Here are the top fashion trends introduced this year along with styling tips to adopt.

  1. Maxi Paired Up with Lace-Up Sandals

You can’t get anything better than this combo to wear in summer. Grab a floral crepe maxi, back-strap or lace-up sandals, and lace earrings or hoops, and you can go anywhere – be it a weekend lunch with friends, a beach party, or even a casual corporate meeting.

  1. Plain Jumpsuit with High Heels or Espadrilles

The jumpsuit is an unsung summer hero. It’s the most versatile one-piece dress in your closet. You can wear it with canvas shoes and a colorful wristband for a casual look or heels and some jewelry if a formal look is desired. Caveat: wear either a necklace or earrings. Don’t wear both, or the outfit will lose its charm.

  1. Loose-Fit White Cotton Shirt with Sky-Blue Jeans

A guy in a white shirt looks cool, while a girl in a white shirt is sexy. Wear an oversized white cotton shirt with a hem knot over blue jeans and white espadrilles, and you are the sexiest girl in town.

  1. Plain Midi-skirt with a Striped Knit Top

Summer is the season of skirts. Wear a plain midi-skirt with a striped knit blouse or a pleated midi-skirt with a chiffon blouse to exude the charming innocence of a small-town girl.

  1. Blazer with a Miniskirt

Yes, you can consider wearing a blazer and skirt set in summer as well. Cotton blazers are perfect for summer. Match them with a miniskirt and a straight-across blouse, just like all those Hollywood divas do. For footwear, go for high heels.

  1. A Turtleneck T-Shirt Over Loose Jeans

A plain turtleneck T-shirt matched with sky-blue or taupe-grey selvage denim jeans and white canvas shoes is a combination that can never go out of style. You don’t have to be a college girl to carry this style. The 52-year-old gorgeous J.Lo. has nailed this combo multiple times.

  1. Denim Jumpsuit with Flats

Denim is an all-season fabric, coming in different thickness options. A lightweight denim jumpsuit with flats is a style in the air. Show how cool and unruffled you are by following this style. Carry a tote bag to add further ‘coolness’ to your look.

  1. Oversized Plaid Shirt with Denim Shorts

The plaid is one of the best gifts from the British. An oversized plaid shirt with denim shorts and canvas shoes will help you breeze through any place. The arrangement seems to be a Hollywood favorite. If you are going to the movies, traveling abroad, or even just going grocery shopping, it’s a perfect look to have.

  1. Polka-dot Frock with Flats or Heels (as you like)

Polka-dots are an all-time girls’ favorite pattern. The dots can fill your life with happiness, whether they are on a shirt, skirt, or a long or midi dress. The pattern is appropriate for both work and play. For footwear, you enjoy a great deal of flexibility. You can opt for any type – flats, heels, or even shoes.

  1. All-Striped Linen Suit

A striped linen shirt with the same patterned pajamas, white canvas shoes, and a coach cross-body bag will give you the perfect celeb-like airport-appropriate look. Be it Priyanka Chopra or Irina Shayk, all those stylish lasses seem to love this style.

Trends to Completely Avoid This Season

While we are still at it, it might help further if you knew what trends and styles you should avoid at all costs. Here go some of them.

  1. Bootcut Jeans

It’s a style that should be discarded worldwide. I for one wonder why some women still wear these pants. I think they were created when mankind lost all its decency in its desperate attempt to mob the floor.

  1. Low-Rise Stonewashed Baggy Jeans

Our very own Britney was shamed for wearing them so much so that she could not avoid the flak and had to respond, “Say what you will, but I love low-rise jeans.” Well, if you can muster up that courage, you are free to proceed.

  1. Colorful Sneakers

It’s a time of monochromes. Too many colors, especially when it comes to footwear, are a big NO. They can literally cause a passerby to stumble.

  1. Anything Thick

C’mon, it’s summer! You don’t want to go out with a thick layer and come across as a junkie. They feel cold in summer.


So, let’s sum up. Anything that is commonly followed by the masses to achieve a distinct look becomes a fashion trend. While some of these trends are really laudable and can be adopted instantly, many are debatable and should be heeded before being followed. Then, then not every trend is for everyone. The trends discussed in this post are the ones that earned my appreciation and don’t have to earn yours. At the end of the day, we should all wear what makes us feel comfortable and confident.

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P.S., all the suggestions and opinions expressed in this text are the author’s (i.e., my) own and do not reflect the view of any organization or individual, nor do they mean anyone any offense or mental anguish.

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