How To Take Care Of Your Beard: Products and Steps

The long beard fashion of recent years shows no signs of stopping, on the contrary, it continues to make proselytes, with men, mature and very young, with the most disparate beards.

In the meantime, the number of barbershops increases, the shops specialized in beard care, and the need to understand how to treat your face in the best way.

In this article, we will explain how to take care of both short and long beards and specific products to treat it.

The various types of beard

There are many types of beard and each of them goes more or less well with a specific face shape.

Let’s start with the beard of a few days, which needs to be constantly adjusted to avoid looking unkempt, up to the longest and thickest beards, passing through mustache, fly or goatee.

At the different lengths, we can then combine different types of cuts, such as the chin strap, for a really high number of variables.

Each type of beard, in any case, requires special attention and daily or almost daily care.

Daily beard care

Even if we don’t shave every day, daily care is essential to have a neat and healthy beard .

If we have a short beard we will still have to keep it adjusted every day with an electric razor or professional scissors.

A long beard, on the other hand, will not only have to be trimmed but will above all need to be treated with specific products.

How to take care of a short beard

The short beard, until recently, was considered as a synonym of listlessness and neglect.

In recent years, however, it has been greatly re-evaluated and today it is chosen for various reasons, moreover, unlike what one might think, the short beard can involve daily care.

Too young-looking guys or men often choose to keep a short beard to have a more mature look.

But even those who suffer from shaving irritation can opt for this type of beard.

A short beard, if kept correctly, can in fact be as elegant and professional as a completely shaved face.

The short beard by definition has a length of about half a centimeter, but to get to this point the advice is to let the beard grow for about a week until it reaches a length of about one centimeter.

Only at this point, when even the hair that grows more slowly will have the desired length, the beard should be cut by choosing an adjustment of 3 or 4 mm.

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A trick to have an even more refined appearance is to blend certain areas of the face such as cheeks and neck, in order to cut unwanted hair and avoid a not-sharp detachment.

How to take care of your beard to make it grow

The first rule of having a long and thick beard is to have a lot of patience!

It takes several months to have a beard of an acceptable length to be considered as such, and the drawbacks are different, from itchy to excessively disheveled and untidy beard.

But in the meantime, there are some tricks to speed up the time and support the growth of the beard.

First of all, you must avoid trimming your beard and let it grow naturally for at least a month. Only after the first month can it possibly be slightly trimmed.

During this time, it is important to use a comb or brush to give the beard a more groomed appearance.

As you let your beard grow, old skin that is usually removed by shaving remains on your face, as do bacteria, so it is important to regularly scrub your face. In our article on men’s skincare, we explain how.

Depending on the type of skin, you can choose delicate scrubs or real scrubs for a more vigorous exfoliation.

How to nourish the beard

Along with things to avoid and cleansing, it is good to consider some tips for nourishing your beard.

In this regard, it is first of all important to follow a good diet, it has been studied that foods rich in B vitamins help to have a thicker and shinier beard.

These vitamins are found in abundance in many foods such as whole grains and legumes, fish and pork, eggs, fresh green leafy vegetables, nuts, dried mushrooms and brewer’s yeast.

Just follow a balanced diet and even a beard will benefit!

Beard care products

Nourishing the beard from the inside is not enough and another fundamental precaution is the use of specific products for beard care, such as a conditioner or oil.

This type of product, in addition to providing nutrients, help relieve the itchy sensation that can be felt in the first weeks of beard growth.

Beard oil

Oil Shaving is a key product for the treatment of medium and long beards.

It is a necessary product for anyone who wants to thoroughly take care of the beard to have it always healthy and guaranteeing a thick and disciplined appearance. Use these specific oils for beard care.

The combination of Avocado Oil with Eucalyptus Oil and Macadamia Oil deeply hydrates even the driest and most damaged beards, bringing nourishment and supporting the structure of the hair.

These three oils, in addition to the detangling action, also have an antibacterial function that protects the skin.

Beard balm

Beard Balm is a great product for both the first phase of growth is to cure a full beard.

Relieves the itching typical of short beards making the beard soft and nourishing the skin of the face thoroughly.

While on the one hand, we have a high nourishing power given by Sunflower Seed Oil and Collagen which provide vitamins and restore elasticity to the skin, on the other hand, thanks to the presence of Eucalyptus Oil and Aloe Vera, the balm performs an antibacterial action that protects the beard and skin and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness that lasts all day.

Did you know that …

… a beard is made up of 7 to 15 thousand hairs?

A very high number of hairs! Furthermore, facial hair grows much faster than any other hair on the body and the rate of its growth is 9 to 14 centimeters per year!

… Some research shows that beard hair slows down aging.

The beard protects the skin from wind and cold, and also prevents water from leaving the skin layers, leaving them hydrated.

… The face of men is richer in blood vessels than that of women?

It is this factor, together with other typically male hormonal characteristics, that determines the growth of the beard in men

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