The Best Tips to Spot Fake Nike Air Max TN

When you want to buy your first pair of sneakers, you always want to get the best quality pair there is on the market. Keep in mind that the entire sneaker industry is already riddled with fakes, and there are also people trying to take advantage of the situation. You might buy a fake pair and pay the total retail price; do you want that happening to you?

If you are a big fan of Nike TN and want to ensure that you do not buy fake ones, you can always go to well-known sneaker stores selling authentic products. While they may be one of the many trusted stores that sell high-quality legit sneakers, it is still necessary that you learn how to spot fake shoes or not. You can find several ways to legit-check your Nike Air Max TNs correctly.

Tip #1. Inspect the Shoe Box

The first tip that many sneakerheads do to make sure that their shoes come from the legit Nike factory is by inspecting the box that came with the shoe. You must know that all Nike shoes will always come in a tagged box and be appropriately labelled. Keep in mind that some boxes will have different designs, but the Nike TNs will always come in an orange box with a black Nike logo.

You should also check if the shoe box is not crumpled or damaged because a legit Nike shoe will most likely have a box in good condition. Besides the box quality, you also have to check the sides and ensure all information about the shoe is displayed correctly. They should have proper styling, sizing, SKU numbering, and barcoding.

Tip #2. Check the Eyelets of the TNs

The second tip for checking your brand new Nike TN is their eyelets. Every authentic TN should always have two eyelet cuts on the thermoplastic vinyl exoskeleton. Ensure that the holes are perfectly shaped like a circle and do not have rough edges.

Tip #3. Inspect the Toe Box

Every Nike Air Max TNs will always have a noticeable plastic square toe cap. Ensure that the plastic toe box is curved perfectly and has no scuffs or deformities. You should also check around the plastic toe box for any glueing imperfections between the top and bottom edges. An authentic Nike shoe will never pass a quality check if the glueing process is messy.

Tip #4. Watch Out for the Tiny TN Details

If you check the heels under your TN shoes, you will notice that plastic TN hemispheres are set in a row into the rubber outsole. The plastics will depend on the colour; make sure the hemispheres do not have any excess material sticking outwards because that could mean it did not pass Nike’s quality check and, therefore, have been labelled as a defect.

Tip #5. Check the Label Inside the Shoe

The last tip to keep in mind is to see if the label inside the shoe has a black tab with the print “” written in white across. Usually, fake Nike Air Max TNs will only have the black tab without the white print, so it is an easy sign to spot fake or legit shoes.

With all the tips mentioned above, you should be able to tell apart which Nike Air Max TNs are fake and which are not.

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