The Top Luxury Cosmetics to Sell Online

The cosmetic industry is extremely lucrative. Billions of dollars are spent each year on cosmetics and skincare products. Selling online is now the most lucrative because the merchant does not need a store, they do not need to keep a large amount of stock on hand, and their overhead is cheaper so their prices can be cheaper.

When you are looking for the top luxury cosmetics to sell online you need to look for what will sell. Just being a luxury cosmetic is not enough to attract a high volume of sales. There has to be something about the line of beauty products that will resonate with the hearts of the shoppers.

Luxury cosmetics that are made in the USA to sell online

Aloette                                                                             Neora
Amore Pacific                                                                 NewAge
Arbonne                                                                           NoFilter Global
Asea                                                                                  Nu Skin
Avon                                                                                 NYR Organics
Beauty Society                                                                Perfectly Posh
Beauty Counter                                                              Shine
BeCause Cosmetics                                                       Wink
Become                                                                            Xellis
Belcorp                                                                            Melaleuca
Bellame Beauty                                                              Mary Kay
BeneYou                                                                          L’Occitane
Color Street                                                                     LimeLight by Alcone
Dudley Beauty                                                                Lilla Rose
Essante Organics                                                           LifeWave
Global Younity                                                               Lemongrass Spa
John Amico Haircare Products                                  Karine Joncas
Jordan Essentials

Buying and selling products that are made in the United States will be highly beneficial to your business.

Americans like to buy things that are made in America. When they buy products that are made in America they know that they helped other Americans have jobs and make money to support their families.

American cosmetics are overseen by the FDA so the people that buy them know the products are safe to use.

American-made products are considered the best by some people and are even used as status symbols by some people. Influencers on YouTube and Instagram like to promote the made in the USA items so when you decide to sell American-made products you will be opening a door that may let influencers come in to help you out.

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Texas Made Cosmetics to Sell Online

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, or at least that is what you hear. Having a diverse line of cosmetics that are manufactured in Texas is a unique angle for you to use in brand promotion.

You also can consider that if all of the items you are shipping to customers come from the great state of Texas they are all more likely to arrive at the final destination at the same time. If you order some items from New York, some from California and some from Texas the delivery system will be confusing and the arrival dates for the products will be confusing.

Top Texas Cosmetic Companies for You to Start Selling

Xellis                       The Happy Company                 Neora
Zilis                          Mary Kay                                   Bellame

All of these companies have their main operations in Texas. Keep a Texan in work, and have a unique pitch to get customers by choosing one or more of these brands as your product.

California Made Cosmetics to Sell Online

California has one of the strictest laws governing products and people know that anything they order from that state will be of the highest quality.

If you advertise organic makeup made and distributed out of California you are going to find a quick following of trusting customers.

Top California Cosmetics for you to Start Selling

become                                 Arbonne             Eminence Organic Skin Care
Beauty Counter                    Younity              Jafra
LifeWave                              Lilla Rose           Rodan and Fields

Other Top Selling Qualities for Online Beauty Products

Where the cosmetics are made is just one of the many different qualities you can promote. You want to figure out who your target audience will be.

  • Consider the gender and age of the target audience.
  • Consider the location of the target audience.
  • Consider the menial income of the audience.

Then develop a profile that will help you select the right brands that your target audience will have a keen interest in.

Younger Targets

The younger people, the 14 to the 24-year-old group are going to be concerned about acne and skin breakouts more than older buyers would. If your primary customer is going to be in this younger age category find the top makeup products that will appeal to them.

Look for makeup that has acne treatment or acne prevention qualities designed into it.

Older Ladies

Older ladies looking for cosmetics that will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They want products that are light and will look more natural after they are applied.

Older women will want products that have maximum SPF so they can protect themselves from the sun.


Men want products that either has no smell or they smell masculine and clean.

Men want items with moisturizer and they do not want any tint or color.

Top Selling Brands

With the right advertising and the right promotions, you can turn any brand of cosmetics into a top-selling online brand.

You need to have confidence and use real testimonials and advice so the people will get the products they really want.

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