The Ultimate Guide To Tatts Lotto

The country-wide lotto is a fascinating platform that allows players to win millions if they hit the jackpot. Interestingly, the Division 1 prize pool offers a whopping $5 million to the lucky winner. Are you already dreaming about everything you’ll buy?

If you’re an Australian, you’ve probably already heard of Tatts Lotto, also referred to as Saturday Lotto.

Every Saturday night, you can play the lotto when six winning figures and two additional figures are drawn randomly from a barrel. The barrel consists of 45 numbers from 1 to 45.

If you want to win the Division 1 prize, you need to match six numbers within a single panel with the six winning numbers drawn from the barrel.

How To Play Tatts Lotto?

Let us discuss the different ways of playing Saturday Lotto.

Standard Entries

In a standard entry game, you need to select six numbers in each game panel. The numbers can be from 1 to 45.

You can choose to play either a Marked entry or a QuickPick.

Marked entry

Marked entry enables you to play the numbers you want to, so you have the freedom to choose numbers that mean something to you. Additionally, you can select which games you want to play.

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If you play online or through the application, you can mark up to 50 games. However, you can only mark up to 18 games in a physical setting.


Quick pick is perhaps the simplest way to play, and you can choose how many games you would like to play.

In this method, the numbers are generated randomly for you.

System & Pick Entries

System and pick entries maximize your chances of winning. Not only do they offer more opportunities for winning, but they also enable you to win across several prize divisions.

System Entry

With a system entry, you can play beyond the primary six numbers in the Saturday Lotto. You get to pick from seven to 20 figures, offering you a higher chance of winning.

You also get the opportunity to win across multiple prize divisions.

Pick Entry

In a pick entry, you are guaranteed one or two winning numbers. When you have a couple of guaranteed winning numbers, your chances of winning increase significantly.

Advance Entries

After picking your entry types, you can choose the number of weeks and draws you’d like to play.

If you want to plan ahead of time, you can schedule your entry beforehand with any of the following methods.

Advance Entry

With an advance entry, you can play the Saturday Lotto planning for up to 10 weeks prior to a future draw.

Multi-week Entry

Such an entry allows you to play your entry across several draws. If you want, you can play up to ten successive Saturday Lotto draws.

Subscription Entry

These entries allow you to automatically enter every draw, or specified draws, like Superdraws. They are an excellent way to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities.

Wrapping Up

The Saturday Lotto is a fantastic way for Australians to win big bucks. Even if you do not match all six numbers and win the grand prize, there are other, smaller prizes as well.

You can win money with as little as just three winning numbers in a game.

Why are you still here? Grab your Tatts Lotto tickets now!

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