The Underrated Benefits of Whey Protein for Children

When most of you hear the words ‘whey protein’, the first thing you think about is fitness. While the fitness industry is an avid user of whey protein in the form of whey protein powder, not many people are aware of the benefits of whey protein for children.

Whey is essentially that part of the milk that remains behind after coagulation and filtration in the process of production of cheese. The concentration of proteins in whey makes it a good supplement for proteins required by the body.

Just as in the case of adults, proteins are also required by kids to help in the repair of cells and tissues. Sometimes, children cannot get the essential proteins their bodies need from their everyday diet.

Given below are some of the interesting underrated benefits of whey protein for children:

Excellent Source of Protein for Kids Who are Vegetarian

The children who are vegetarian have limited food options that are good sources of proteins. These options include chickpeas, soy milk, etc.

But these foods contain only a small quantity of protein compared to meat. Hence, your child may not get the appropriate amount of protein required by their body.

For such cases, whey proteins serve as one of the best options to help your child get the required quantities of protein. As advised by your pediatrician, these proteins can be given to your child in the form of milkshakes or cereals.

Highly Beneficial for Kids Suffering from Asthma

In New Zealand, close to thirteen percent of children between the ages of two and fourteen years suffer from asthma. Due to poor air quality conditions, many children are now contracting this chronic illness, lowering the strength of their immune system.

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Many studies have shown that kids with asthma are at the risk of contracting other lung diseases due to a lack of adequate immune system response.

By including whey protein in the diet of kids with asthma, the immune system can be strengthened. Proteins are made up of amino acids that regulate the activation of all the essential antibodies to fight against bacteria and other pathogens.

Hence, whey protein helps improve immune system response in kids with asthma.

Whey Protein is a Saviour for Kids with Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a condition in which the person’s digestive system cannot digest lactose, which is a major sugar component of dairy products such as milk.

The condition of lactose intolerance can be transferred to children whose parents also suffer the same. This condition can cause painful bloating, indigestion, cramps, and fatigue in children.

Lactose intolerance can prevent your child from getting the body’s protein requirement because dairy products are a rich source of proteins, especially for children.

Hence, whey protein powder is the perfect alternative for lactose-intolerant children. These powders are packed with proteins and need not be given only with milk. Whey protein isolate powders can be given to your children in the form of pancakes, porridges, or even with water. The easy digestion of whey protein in the human body helps lactose-intolerant children get the proper nutrition without facing any form of painful digestion issues.

Final Words

Before adding whey protein to your child’s diet, it is highly essential to refer to a pediatrician who is well aware of your child’s medical history. As advised by your pediatrician, you can add whey protein to your child’s diet to help your child get all the essential nutrients required for their growth and development!

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